Jones VS Brady


Amanda Gardiner, Staff Writer

The New England Patriots are dominating. With nine consecutive wins they seem pretty unbeatable right now. Some fans are wondering if quarterback Mac Jones could be better than NFL superstar Tom Brady. Brady played a miraculous 20 seasons with the Patriots giving them six Super Bowl wins. The question for most Patriots fans who have now become fans of Jones is, will Jones ever be able to live up to Brady’s legacy? Some say he is on the track to be better and some say nobody will ever be the same at the GOAT. Some opinions are swayed simply because some fans are upset that Brady left back in 2020, but some truly think Jones will be better. 

Die hard New England Patriots fan, Terry Reynolds, says “Mac Jones will soon be the best quarterback the NFL has ever seen.” When asked why he said, “Jones is new, this is the first time he has ever played in the NFL and he is already at 16 touchdowns downs for the season, that’s unreal for a rookie.” While some might argue that Brady has 34 this season, Reynolds said, “Brady has been playing for almost 22 years, of course he’s better right now but in the long run Jones will be better” Only time will tell for now if Jones will surpass Brady. 

Another opinion does stem from the question Brady VS Jones. “Brady is the all time best player of the NFL; anyone that says Jones is or will be better is just mad because Brady left and Tampa won the superbowl.” Says Patriots fan Joe Anteski. “Yes Jones is a very talented football player, I won’t take that away from him, but Brady has seven rings’ he could be in that Ariana Grande song.” Says Anteski. In Brady’s 6th year with the Patriots Brady only had 12 touchdowns and already in his first season not being over yet Jones has 16 this could be used as a point to prove Jones is better. “Its not all about the numbers right now, its about how long brady has been going, he has been in the NFL for almost 22 years and has brought home seven superbowl wins, that’s the part that makes him the best quarterback. If Jones brings those same results, okay that’s when he becomes the best, but what’s to say he won’t get burned out before then?” said Anteski. Zach Bell is a well known Patriots fan who supports Mac Jones. “I think Mac Jones is an incredible quarterback and a very talented football player. I think he will continue to do amazing things for the Patriots.” Bell believes that Jones will make history much like Brady. “In my opinion Jones will break the records Brady made but faster; it won’t take him 20 some years to be the best there is, I think it might only take him five years” Says Bell. At the end of the day many believe Brady is and will always be the GOAT, but Jones might just be the second GOAT. While Patriots fans will agree that Tom Brady is one of the best ever seen, who knows of maybe Jones will join Brady on the list someday. For now all New England Patriots fans can do is sit tight and watch Jones score touchdown after touchdown, yard after yard. Hopefully he continues to surprise us all.