Cavaliers resembling creatures


Sydney Macleod

Lizzy Davis '15, has the facial features and personality that can easily be compared to a deer.

Lian Tumas, Contributor

Just like some people on this planet have a doppelgänger, some people also have animals that look like them. Personalities and looks factor into what animal could represent someone.

Lizzy Davis ‘15, “I think people look like animals because humans are very similar to animals. A lot of animals remind me us of animals with personality and physical features.” She gets told that she looks like a deer because she is graceful, timid and her eyes resemble a deer’s. When she plays tennis and walks, she does it with elegance. Lizzy has faint freckles on her face, just like a spotted baby deer.

Animals and people have such similar behaviors and feelings. Stephanie Burns ‘15, “My dog acts like he is a human and he is treated like one too. People tell me that I am like a turtle because I am shy, quiet and act like a turtle does. Turtles have the reputation of staying in their shell unless they are comfortable with who they are around.” Burns agrees with the idea that animals and people can look and act alike.

People’s appearance and their actions can be translated into an animal. If you have big eyes, you may look like an owl. If you have big hair, you may look like a lion. Animals and humans have a stronger connection than most know.