What to do on winter ‘daze’

Stephanie Buchanan, Staff Writer

New England is known for having some pretty harsh winters that consist of mounds of snow and ice storms that knock out the power for days. Although many doubted this winter season due to how many “indian summers” (short unexpected periods of warm weather) we have had this year, Mother Nature has answered the many cries for winter, and it is finally here.  

For many people, when the sun starts setting earlier and earlier and the days start getting colder and colder, it means it’s time to go into “hibernation”. For others however, it is their favorite time of the year — a time to enjoy your fun activities and the chilly weather that turns your skin bright pink. Whether you like the cold weather and being outside in the winter, or you like snuggling up next to the fire place with a warm cup of hot chocolate, the season is finally here and is expected to stay for the next few months.  

Sledding is a huge part of winter. It’s been around forever, but it never gets old. “I enjoy sledding in the winter because it is like a mini roller coaster,” Grace Anneser ‘17 said. Almost every kid in New England can look back to a fun time in their life that involves sledding –an inexpensive and exciting way to pass the cold hours in the winter.

Another popular activity to do in the winter is skiing or snowboarding. “Skiing is my favorite winter activity because I like getting out on the trails and having fun,” said Scott Kroeger ‘16. You can join a ski team, a backcountry ski club, or just hit up the slopes for a fun day outside.

Winter does not only include outdoor activities. “Basketball is my favorite part of the winter because it is a fun time with friends,” said Matt Simco ‘18. Many people like what the winter season offers indoors, like sports, or even just staying inside and watching the snow fall outside the window.

No matter how you like to spend your winter days, the seasons have changed, and winter is finally upon us. Everyone should make the most out of this part of the year because it does not last long. It is never too late to try a new winter activity.