Politicorner: a letter to the President-elect

Curtis Newton, Managing Editor

To the President-elect,

You won! You will be the 45th President of the United States. Congratulations. Why don’t we have a chat while we wait for your inauguration?

Objectively, I’m impressed. For someone like you–with no political background and no public offices held–to come out of nowhere and win your party’s nomination in a landslide and then go on to win is astounding. Kudos to you.

Personally, your victory has been a bitter pill for me to swallow. I wasn’t much of a fan of Hillary Clinton either, don’t get me wrong, but the prospect of your presidency has troubled me ever since you started gaining momentum.

A bitter pill, but swallow it I did. I may gripe, but you are going to be my president; I am willing to accept that. I am willing to have an open mind, to see how you govern.

But don’t think I’m letting you off easy, President-elect Trump. I know your MO: you relentlessly lambaste your opponents until they drop out or concede, and then you compliment them and pretend as though your insults never happened. You did it when Cruz dropped out of the Republican primary. You did it when Clinton conceded after you won the presidency. You want us to forget the things you’ve said.

Know this: I won’t forget how you said that a judge overseeing your Trump University case had a conflict of interest due to his Mexican heritage. I will not forget how you proposed to ban Muslims from entering the country. I will not forget your “locker-room talk.” As a journalist, I refuse to forget how you wanted to “open libel laws” so that when we write articles on you, you can “sue [us] and win lots of money.”

The list goes on, Mr. President-elect. Think about that for a moment. Leaders of your own party have called these comments “racist” and “demeaning,” and I honestly have a hard time disagreeing with them.

I have a bleak outlook of the next four years. I hope you convince me otherwise.

Best of luck to you.


A Constituent