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And the winners of the NBA Finals are…

The Golden State Warriors have reached the conference finals for the fifth year in a row, and they again don’t plan on losing here. This team is built off the starting lineup of five all-stars, along with an above average bench and star coach. “This team has been so dominant for the past five years, I don’t see any team beating them in a seven game series,” said Evan Simonds ‘19.
May 21, 2019

The NBA playoffs are filled with intense finishes, disappointments, and incredible storylines. This year has been nothing different entering the Conference Finals. The remaining four teams have gone through...

World of Dance: what to expect this season

The Kings, a hip hop group in the Upper Team division, performs for the judges. In this routine, they shocked the audience with their routine, and showed off their challenging stunts. Jennifer Lopez, one of the judges, was mind blown by this group, saying that she was “shook to the core” by their performance.
March 29, 2019

Dancers all across the country dream of the day they will finally become a professional. But for many, it is a struggle to find opportunities to show their talent. Situations like these are when competitive...

Retail Therapy

The five Fashion and Retail Merchandising students, Hultz, Holmes, Willett, Jusczak and Lopez, stand around Willett’s artwork that will be featured on the show’s poster. The poster will highlight how fashion is more than just clothing, but also how it can convey moods and feelings. “ [The goal] is to create awareness for people struggling with mental health. I don't want that to be the elephant in the room anymore,” said Hancock.
March 25, 2019

On Wed, May 22, HB’s Fashion and Retail Merchandising class will be holding its second fashion show at HBHS since 2015. The show, named Retail Therapy, is an initiative to raise mental health awareness...

One giant leap for womankind

Koch from NASA are set to complete a mission on the ISS on March 29th.
March 25, 2019

On Mar. 29, as a fitting end to Women’s History Month, NASA has scheduled the first-ever all female space-walk. With astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch, and lead flight directors, Mary Lawrence...

Can you play like a girl?

Alex Morgan was drafted in 2011 and has been playing soccer for eight years now.
March 25, 2019

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) filed a lawsuit at the beginning of March 2019 against the United States Soccer Federation. The lawsuit was filed due to how the women’s team’s...

Five Teams, One Gym

The boys lacrosse team sprints across the gym during the conditioning part of tryouts. As soon as their tryouts finished, the baseball team was quick to take the court. “With such a tight schedule, it was important to get on the court as soon as softball finished. We were rushed off right at six so baseball could start,” said Sulin ‘19.
March 22, 2019

With a new turf field on the way, the problems caused by a lack of outdoor field space finally have a solution. Despite the step forward, another issue is still looming; a lack of court space. With snow...

What is a Cavalier?

The Cavalier mascot logo on the floor of the back lobby.
March 15, 2019

When examining the Hollis Brookline High School mascot, it’s easy to get confused about what the Cavalier actually is. Is he a swashbuckling pirate? A brave, sword-wielding knight? The answer is neither....

Conflict in the Capitol

A sign placed on the lawn on the grounds of the Capitol Building displays that all National Parks are closed due to the government shutdown. The Speaker of the House in a press release this week said that “Families across the nation are still trying to recover from a month of missing paychecks and overdue bills.”
February 12, 2019

After conflict erupted in Washington D.C. between House Democrats and President Trump over funding for a disputed border wall, all “non-essential” government offices came to a halt for 35 days. The...

HB the People

Students in HBHS’s AP U.S. Government class stand outside of the NH Legislative Building after winning their district hearing. Out of the six units of the We The People text, HB got the highest score for three units, qualifying them to move to the state level. “[Students are] always very competitive,” said AP U.S. History teacher Trevor Duval. “I’m always impressed by their depth of knowledge and understanding.”

First Row (left to right) Rachel Ash ‘19, Teagan Hudzik ‘19, Kay Partridge ‘19, AP US Government teacher Trevor Duval Second Row: Zaki Quereshy ‘19, Tess Crooks ‘19, Cordelia Scales ‘19, Nicole Plummer ‘19, Robbie Dwyer ‘19 Third Row: Rachel Cerato ‘19, Caroline Smith ‘19, Jillian O’Hara ‘19, Jacob Ponders ‘19 Fourth Row: Maya Ruvido ‘19, Myah Caplan ‘19, Emma Pellerin ‘19, Tristain Hoenninger ‘19 Fifth Row: Jack Sinclair ‘19, Joe Caswell ‘19, Madoc Lewis ‘19, Alex Dougherty ‘19, Kyle Swope ‘19
January 10, 2019

On Dec. 7, students in Hollis Brookline High School’s AP U.S. Government class traveled to Concord, NH to compete in the district We The People hearing. HBHS students were joined by three other high...

HB Athletics fighting hunger

Jack Sinclair ‘19, manager for the Girls Volleyball team, donates a can of soup to the NH Tackles Hunger food drive. Through this food drive, students across the state are able to help stock local food banks. Donations from Hollis Brookline athletes and fans are brought to the Milford food bank. “It’s always important to participate in your municipal community, but your geographical as well,” said Sinclair.
November 1, 2018

This fall, sports teams at Hollis Brookline High School participated in the NH Tackles Hunger food drive. Starting after the football game against Sanborn on Oct. 5, the Cavaliers collected various non-perishables...

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