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Com-PETEing in Robotics

Pictured here is the Szczeszynski robot “Gluten-Free” which lead them to to win their field and the Einstein trophy.

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

May 31, 2019

Hollis Brookline’s  Szczeszynski brothers (Peter ‘19 and Steven ‘20)  set records in their FTC (First Tech Challenge) and won their field in the Detroit Championship meet for Robotics. They also received the Control Award, which is awarded to the best and most reliable autonomous robot that relies on sensors. Peter Szczeszynski ‘19 recently competed with his younger b...

Retail Therapy makes a fashionable statement

The show was a huge success with a great message. “The only thing I would change is having the models come up in the right order every time,” Ella Holmes ‘22.

Emmie White, Head Editor

May 28, 2019

On the evening of Wed. May 22, Retail Therapy, the HBHS FACS fashion show, finally took the stage in a momentous way. Though the show did not go perfectly as planned, the success was substantial and the show was a considerable success. The show opened with the introduction of the night’s MCs, Ella...

Lizzo makes a stunning masterpiece

Artist, Lizzo poses for a dramatic photo. Her newest album offers a lot to her audience.

Jackson Hinkle, Staff Writer

May 22, 2019

Cuz I Love You by Lizzo is an excellent album. Hold on, let me rephrase that. Cuz I Love You by Lizzo is the most excellent album I have heard so far this year. If you haven’t heard it yet, I beg of you, listen to this album. Melissa “Lizzo” Jefferson is a Minneapolis singer, songwriter...

Young Dems starting early

The club helps decide what the members future looks like; therefore, we have to make a change. “Young people generally lean left, so it’s crucial that we vote as soon as we can. After all, the world created by current policy decisions is the world we’re going to be living in long term,” said Noah Penasack ‘20. Penasack is the vice chair of the NH high school Young Dems and is a co chair with Lily Coady for the club here.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

May 22, 2019

With the constant commotion surrounding the political sphere, staying an informed and active citizen can be quite the challenge. To combat this all too common phenomenon, Lily Coady ‘20 started the Young Democrats club at Hollis Brookline High School in Dec. 2018. The club here at HB is affilia...

A new year for ITS

At the 2018 NHETG Regional Drama Festival, HBHS’s ITS won the Outstanding Ensemble Award and received this certificate. They hope to attend the festival again in 2020.

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

May 21, 2019

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is a national honors organization, similar to the National Honors Society (NHS) or the Tri-M Music Honors Society, which is focused on excellence in theater. The group includes students involved in all areas of theater, from actors and choreographers to those inv...

Meeting their match

Rory Klauber (left) and Will Pesiridis (right) competed in doubles against Conval this past Wednesday. “This was the only loss during the match,” said Pesiridis ‘21, but it didn’t pose a threat to the team as they ended with an 8-1 win. The boys’ next game is against Goffstown on their home court!

Paisley Broadhurst, Staff Writer

April 20, 2019

Last season, the Boys Tennis Team fell short at the Division II Championship to their local rivals, Souhegan High School. The team is determined to make it back to the finals, and now they have the experience from last year as an advantage to do so. The team is very optimistic about the season that’s ahead of t...

Trash talk

The school snack line is the perfect place to see the abundance of unnecessary packaging. From chips to beef jerky, everything is packaged in large. Often times, this packaging can be excessively large for the sole purpose of advertisement space. “I think as a society, we are used buying a lot of packaged goods that come in containers, whether that's food packaging or products on Amazon,” said Carson.

Sydney Speir, Staff Writer

April 15, 2019

Municipal solid waste (MSW) management is a hot topic these days, especially within the growing realm of environmental health and climate change conversations. Current methods of waste management include landfills and incineration, both of which have the potential to harm the environment and human healt...

Virginia redeems themselves

Pictured here is a complete bracket from this year’s tournament. Virginia managed to win their six games, on their route to redeeming themselves from last years disappointing loss. “I was surprised the franchise finally won, but that team had so much talent,” said Evan Simonds ‘19.

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

April 11, 2019

After 67 games, thousands of points being scored, and a champion established, March Madness is officially over. This year the tournament was crazy again, filled with upsets, late game heroics, and nail biting endings. The winner of the tournament this year was a one seed, but the one seed with the lowes...

I had a go with some extra H2O

Drinking water does nothing but good for the body, but some people don’t get enough. Michael Moscatelli ‘19 gets his 64 ounces and then some, thanks to his gallon jug. “During sports seasons I walk around with a gallon jug of water. It helps me stay hydrated throughout the day,” said Moscatelli.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

April 10, 2019

The average person should drink 64 ounces of water a day or more, depending on activity level. Truth is, I normally don’t drink this much. As a runner, I should be drinking about 75 ounces of water a day. Because of this, I challenged myself to drink more water every day for a week, with the goal o...

Mamma Mia hits the stage

Donna and the Dynamos (including, from left to right, Rosie played by Sam Price ‘20, Donna played by Nicole Plummer ’19 and Tanya played by Taylor O’Connell ‘19) perform “Super Trooper” during the bachelorette party scene. Price, Plummer, and O’Connell were joined by many ensemble members, dancing along to the song during the March 23 performance. “There is just nothing better than getting up on stage with all your best friends and bringing something to audiences that you know that they are loving,” said Plummer.

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

April 3, 2019

On March 22, 23, 29 and 30, Hollis Brookline High School’s highly anticipated rendition of “Mamma Mia” was finally performed. With a large audience turn-out and record amounts of student involvement, the musical was a success. In terms of ticket sales, “Mamma Mia” was one of the most su...

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