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Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Illingworth, the Personal Finance teachers, highly recommend students to take this course.

Should Personal Finance be a required course at HB?

Kat Pellerin, Op/Ed Editor March 10, 2017

Personal Finance is a course here at Hollis Brookline, established and taught by math teacher Mark  Illingworth, and by social studies teacher Katie Henderson as well. The Hollis Brookline community,...

The Social Media Debate

The Social Media Debate

Jonathan Carr, Staff Writer January 31, 2017

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are all social media platforms that most people use. Whether it's to post pictures or to catch up with friends, all of these sites revolve around connecting with...

Bucket Lists: Making the Most of Dreams

Bucket Lists: Making the Most of Dreams

Jonathan Carr, Staff Writer January 12, 2017

A bucket list is a list of activities that someone would like to do sometime in their life. Bucket lists can motivate people to stop procrastinating and to do what they have always dreamed of. The students...

Apples new iPhone release

Apple’s new iPhone release

Steve Giaconia, Staff Writer January 11, 2017

Apple’s new iPhone 7 flaunts a new camera, greater battery performance, wider color gamut, and is water resistant. Despite its new enhancements, the highlighted feature on the iPhone 7 is the removal...

A photograph of the stopping point located between the school and the lacrosse field.

What makes Hollis Brookline High School unique?

Adriana Radosavljevic, Copy Editor January 10, 2017

High schools are always known for certain features. For example, Bishop Guertin is known for strong Division I sports programs, the Nashua schools for fundraisers and fairs, and Timberlane for its performing...

Senior Evan Sutton coaches Freshman Cooper Murray on how to do a chest press.

Freshman vs Seniors

Grace Santoski, Dan Leone, Steve Giaconia, and Kaylee Hillard November 23, 2016

In the past, freshmen at Hollis Brookline High School have said they were afraid of seniors. As middle schoolers come up to the high school, meeting new people in new surroundings can be quite scary. This...

Politicorner: the election

Politicorner: the election

Curtis Newton, Managing Editor November 18, 2016

That was certainly interesting. Let’s start with the news everyone probably already knows: Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States in a stunning upset election. Trump carried...

Johanna Golden (left) and Katie Souza (right) are tired after a long night of homework.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Hannah Balfour, Staff Writer November 2, 2016

Sleep deprivation can hinder the ability to remember, process, and write. The majority of high schoolers do not get enough sleep, and therefore have trouble learning. According to Jane Bianchi, who...

Students and teachers find many benefits from using Google Classsroom.

Google Classroom: The other realm

Adriana Radosavljevic, Copy Editor October 20, 2016

Google Classroom is an online forum that allows teachers to electronically post assignments, create announcements, and communicate with students. Despite a few problems, the site has gotten many positive...

Politicorner: meet the third-party candidates

Politicorner: meet the third-party candidates

Curtis Newton, Managing Editor October 6, 2016

America’s two-party system never stopped those outside of the parties from trying to win the presidency. Third-party candidates have been involved in American elections almost as long as the two-party...

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