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Camden Guay ‘20  models his wonderful baseball cap. Guay is a big fan of the new tolerance for headwear throughout the building, and loves being able to express his enthusiasm for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Hats make all people come together as one.

One hat, two hat, red hat, blue hat

One of the most ancient traditions has come to Hollis Brookline at last: Hats. Now that hats are finally welcomed in the building, what hats are different people wearing? And how are they pulling them...

College brochures can help seniors make the biggest choice of their life: choosing where to attend college.

Seniors’ guide to choosing the right college

Senior's Choosing a college may seem like the most important decision of a teen’s life, and in some ways, it is. It may mean choosing a new home to live in for the next four years as we teenagers become...

This graph shows the increase in value of one Bitcoin over the entire year, from December of 2016 to December of 2017.

Quite a bit of coin!

Bitcoins have gone through several unusual, exciting and potentially concerning developments rapidly over the past month. In the beginning of November, the price of an individual BTC (Bitcoin) was hovering...

Sharing pieces, as the class was going on. Audrey Solinas ‘18, Kierra Dean ‘19, and Caleb Hadley ‘18 circled together as each took a turn sharing what they were working on.

Fun-tastic English electives

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer November 28, 2017

There are lots of fun semester-long classes to take if someone enjoys English; some focus more on different styles of writing, while others dissect different film elements. Each elective differs from the...

This year’s mathletes hunker down and power through some Calculus homework. They have another couple of meets coming up this season and need to prepare for them the best they can. Plummer gave some insight to their preparation by saying, “currently our team members only practice once per month, but we have just begun to offer weekly practice opportunities to both provide more flexibility for our team members and to try to improve our teams performance.”

Can this year’s HB Math Team live up to the hype?

Scott VanCoughnett, Features Editor November 27, 2017

Hollis Brookline’s Math Team has been a league-wide powerhouse for years and years. Opposing teams in the past used to cower in fear when they heard they were attending a meet with HB. This season isn’t...

A sole woodpecker refuses to accept the change in season. This early November snowstorm threw quite the curveball to residents and wildlife alike as calls were made to scramble for the preservations needed for the cold hard months ahead.

Tut tut looks like rain

Joseph Schunemann, A&E Editor November 26, 2017

The Earth is a changing place; nature moves this way and that and it’s not always human nature to keep up with it. In New Hampshire, we experience weather much stranger than most, with weather your regular...

Pugh smiles for the camera as he stands in the hall. “I look forward to the festival in February,” he said with regards to the eventual Jazz All-State performance.

Frank Pugh makes Jazz All-State

Isaac Wimmer, Opinion Editor November 21, 2017

Frank Pugh ‘18 has been singing since the 5th grade; however, he has never been privy to such accolades as his recent acceptance into Choral Jazz All-State. He auditioned his sophomore year as well,...

Cleary is excited to see what is to come of her newfound career in teaching chemistry at HBHS.

New Chemistry Teacher

Isabel Keefe, Staff Writer November 17, 2017

This fall, after losing two teachers, Maryanne Rotelli and Deborah Maloney, the science department at HBHS hired recent college graduate Megan Cleary to fill the need. Cleary has been out of college...

 Pumped, student Rachel Romanow ‘18 lifts a pumpkin, excited for Halloween. She went pumpkin picking for the perfect pumpkin to carve. “I like this one. It’s spooky Mitchell!” said Romanow.

Spooky Halloween 2017

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer November 6, 2017

Halloween started around 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland and Northern France. Today we celebrate with trick-or-treating, dressing up in elaborate costumes, decorating homes and throwing bashes with...

 Standing with his host family, Pablo (far left) attends Mrs. Roy’s son’s Confirmation during his two weeks with the family. Joining him were Mrs. Roy’s husband (second from left), Mrs. Roy (center), and Mrs. Roy’s children (right of her).  “He was family,” Mrs. Roy said. “He was a part of us.”

Pablo pays HB a visit

Avery Webb, Assistant Editor October 26, 2017

It’s not everyday that students learning Spanish get to speak face-to-face with a Spanish student their age. Earlier this school year, however, students were able to do just that when Spanish teacher...

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