HB Athletics fighting hunger



Jack Sinclair ‘19, manager for the Girls Volleyball team, donates a can of soup to the NH Tackles Hunger food drive. Through this food drive, students across the state are able to help stock local food banks. Donations from Hollis Brookline athletes and fans are brought to the Milford food bank. “It’s always important to participate in your municipal community, but your geographical as well,” said Sinclair.

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

This fall, sports teams at Hollis Brookline High School participated in the NH Tackles Hunger food drive. Starting after the football game against Sanborn on Oct. 5, the Cavaliers collected various non-perishables from students and spectators at games for about two weeks on behalf of local food banks who are often low on supplies.

Originally led by football teams (hence ”tackles” in the name), NH Tackles Hunger has expanded to include more teams. At HBHS, multiple teams including girls volleyball and field hockey are taking part in the food drive. “It’s not really a football thing anymore, it’s more of a school thing,” said Athletic Director Rhon Rupp.

This shift to include sports across HB has made the food drive more athlete-oriented than spectator-oriented. “Each [volleyball team] member brought things in,” said Jack Sinclair ‘19, manager for the Girls Volleyball team. With a convenient drop-off table in the back lobby, it was easy for students to donate at any time.

This year, Hannaford’s, like many businesses, has given HBHS a gift card to buy various food items for the drive. Of the food that’s given back to the state, “a lot of it is due to the generosity of Hannaford’s,” said Rupp. The gift card was given to the football team, who got to pick out the food it was used for.

The widespread support from teams and the donation from Hannaford’s has helped out the fund tremendously, providing lots of food for the Milford food bank, where HBHS brought their collected goods. This year was very successful; whether it was due to the clear weather during games, or just the fact that “typically, people who support athletics are kind people,” said Rupp. “[The amount of food was] probably the most that we’ve ever collected.”

NH Tackles Hunger was started in 2013, when WMUR decided to work with high school football teams to collect non-perishables for New Hampshire food banks who were experiencing a serious shortage of food. With the support of schools across the state as well as a few business sponsors, more than 31,000 lbs of food was collected, according to an article from WMUR. That amount of success has kept the program going to this day.

Didn’t get to donate this year? After five years of participating in the NH Tackles Hunger food drive, HB is likely to be collecting again next fall.