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2019-2020 Staff

Hannah Riseman

Head Editor

Hannah Riseman ‘20 is returning to the Cavalier Chronicle staff this year as the Head Editor. She is excited to pursue her Senior Quest project dealing with free press and student rights. When she isn’t writing, Hannah is horseback riding, studying f...

Harry Bates

Asst. Head Editor

Harry Bates ‘20 is ecstatic to return as the Assistant Head Editor for CavChron this year. He enjoys reporting on relevant affairs and discussing topics left somewhat untouched by other news agencies. Outside of writing, Harry is a member of the Hollis...

Ryan Coutu

News Editor

TJ McKenna

Co-Sports Editor

TJ McKenna ‘20 is a senior at Hollis Brookline High School and a writer for the CavChron. While he’s not writing, TJ plays for the varsity soccer and volleyball teams. He is constantly watching sports and obsessing over his fantasy teams as well ...

Abi Blasi

Co-Sports Editor

Abi Blasi ‘20 is new to the CavChron staff as Sports Editor. Outside of CavChron she is the captain of the field hockey team and a member of the varsity softball team. She is also going to be a member of the yearbook staff for the second year in a ...

Emma Stoll

Features Editor

Emma Stoll 20’ is a senior and a first-year Features editor and staff writer at the CavChron. She’s an avid reader, writer, and political activist and feminist, and is excited to learn more about the world of journalism as a potential career. When she...

Amanda Brown

Op-Ed Editor

Amanda Brown ‘21 is excited to join the 2019-2020 CavChron staff and to be welcomed as the Op-Ed editor. She has a passion for informative writing and continuously keeps up with numerous news outlets. When Amanda is not writing, she is volunteering wi...

Faith DiStefano

A&E Editor

Megan Strecker

Web Editor

Megan Strecker ‘20 is a chatty individual who enjoys user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. As CavChron’s 2019-2020 Web Editor, she maintains and updates the platform. Megan has been practicing UI and UX design since 2013, aiding se...

Peyton Arbogast

Staff Writer

Peyton Arbogast ‘22 is starting her first year of journalism and is looking forward to writing for the Cavalier Chronicle. She is involved in a few extracurriculars including the soccer team, lacrosse team, and Spanish club. Outside of school, she en...

Morgan Broadhurst

Staff Writer

Morgan Broadhurst ‘22 is a new writer for the Cavalier Chronicles as of this year and is excited to begin writing. In the Spring, she participates in lacrosse, and participates in a few clubs, one being Spanish. Outside of school, Morgan values the ti...

Nolan Ciani

Staff Writer

Nolan Ciani, senior and first-year journalist, enjoys snowboarding, stock trading, video games, hanging out with friends, riding his dirt bikes, and exploring with his 3 dogs. He plans to attend college and obtain a degree in aerospace engineering. His f...

Lydia Daskalos

Staff Writer

Lydia Daskalos ‘22 is new to the CavChron staff this year. She is excited to start writing articles and be part of the CavChron staff. Lydia plays on the varsity volleyball team and also plays JV lacrosse. She is almost always playing volleyball, hang...

Elise Dinbergs

Staff Writer

Elise Dinbergs ‘20 is joining the CavChron staff as a first-year A&E editor. She is really enthusiastic to fulfill this role, as she is heavily involved in the H.B.H.S. music department. In the future, she hopes to go to college as a communicatio...

Hannah Escandon

Staff Writer

Hannah Escandon ‘21 is a new staff member of the Cavalier Chronicle, and is excited to be working on her journalism skills and to be working towards her goal of being a journalist. She enjoys reading and writing a variety of genres of news sources but i...

Lauren Hunt

Staff Writer

Lauren Hunt ‘20 is a first year journalism student excited to write for this year. Lauren moved here from Colorado last year as a junior. Hoping to pursue a career in training service dogs; in her off time Lauren spends her days working with dogs as t...

Tatiana Madsen

Staff Writer

Tatiana Madsen ‘20 is excited to be a co-editor for the Arts and Entertainment section for CavChron her senior year. Tatiana is big on writing novels and scripts, and is currently writing a script on mental illness awareness and suicide prevention for her ...

Ella Mouradian

Staff Writer

Ella Mouradian 22’ is delighted to be a part the CavChron staff this year. She joined this class because of her passion for writing. In her free time, she participates on a competitive dance team year round and enjoys spending time with her friends....

Jonathan Nixon

Staff Writer

Jonathan Nixon ‘21 is joyous to be a staff writer for the CavChron for 2019 and 2020. He is new to the CavChron this year and he is an amateur photographer, and he is excited to bring his talents in that area to the newspaper. Along with that he is planning ...

Amy Pattelena

Staff Writer

Amy Pattelena ‘22 is new to the Cavalier Chronicle this year, and is thrilled to begin writing articles. Amy runs for the HBHS cross country team, as well as the indoor and outdoor track teams. Aside from school, she enjoys the summer, time with he...

Adam Razzaboni

Staff Writer

Adam Razzaboni ‘21 is a new staff member to the Cavalier Chronicles. Adam is eager to be joining the CavChron to expand his devotion towards sports writing. Out of school, he enjoys playing basketball for multiple basketball teams around New England and sp...

Kateri Torgersen

Staff Writer

Kateri Torgersen ‘20 is starting her first year writing for the CavChron, and couldn’t be more excited. She enjoys participating in unified soccer and is also a member of the bowling team. Outside of school she loves anything that has to do with ar...

Damien Stone

Staff Writer

JJ Kennedy

Staff Writer

Jett Johnson

Staff Writer

Drew Gryniewicz

Staff Writer

Angelee Gagnon

Staff Writer

Austin Etchells

Staff Writer

Austin Etchells is a senior at Hollis-Brookline High School and a new writer for the CavChron. He is also a 1st Team All-State Football player for the HB Cavalier Football team and a CHaD NH All-Star. Having a strong interest in both creative and informativ...

Emly Casey

Staff Writer

Meghan Veino

Staff Writer

Josh Hill

Staff Writer

Josh Hill ‘21 is a first year journalist for Cavalier Chronicles. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, video games and writing. Despite what his natural physique might portray, Josh does not engage in rugby, marathons or bodybuilding. Instead, he us...

Robbie Haytayan

Staff Writer

Quinn Connors

Staff Writer

Quinn Connors ‘21 is excited to be joining the CavChron. He is a very sports minded person and plays varsity football, varsity baseball and enjoys playing basketball. He loves watching sports and is very active. Outside of school he helps out with coa...

Dan Aulbach

Staff Writer

Dan Aulbach is a junior at Hollis-Brookline and is a newcomer to Cavchron this year. Aulbach is currently a representative on the Class of 2021 student council, as well as a captain of the HB crew team and a member of the bowling team. He is excited to ...

Rory Klauber

Staff Writer

Rory Klauber ‘21 is an enthusiastic first-year journalist for Hollis-Brookline’s Cavalier Chronicle who’s always striving to challenge himself. He’s a dedicated athlete on the HBHS golf, bowling and tennis teams. He is also on a competitive cur...

Erik Keldsen

Staff Writer

Erik Keldsen ‘21 is a Junior at Hollis Brookline and a new writer for the CavChron. When he’s not writing, he is actively involved with the boys’ soccer and volleyball teams at HB. Outside of school, Keldsen enjoys playing sports, hanging out wit...

Grace Sheehy

Staff Writer

 Grace Sheehy '23 is a freshman at Hollis-Brookline High School. She is new to Cavchron this year, and is excited to accelerate in her writing skills. Grace rows for the HBHS crew team, and likes to run in her free time. She enjoys vacations, and trave...

Miles Keefe

Staff Writer

Miles Keefe ‘20 is a new writer on the CavChron staff. Keefe is an active member of Chess Club and the H.B. Bowling team. In his free time, Keefe can be found listening to music or playing it on his bass guitar, adventuring in the wilderness with his fly ...

Quinten Wimmer

Staff Writer

Quinten Wimmer ‘20 is a senior at Hollis Brookline and a writer for the CavChron. Outside of writing, he plays for the varsity football, basketball, and volleyball teams. Quinten also loves playing flag football and pickup basketball with his friends. Ou...

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