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Matthew Klotz ‘22 effortlessly practices a classic cheer stunt, a backflip. He has spent four years working hard and improving his craft. He is now one of three captains of the Varsity Cheer team. “Starting off was really difficult because I had to find my footing and I wasn’t particularly good at the sport at first,” said Klotz.

The First Boy in HBHS Cheer History

Emma Harley, Staff Writer March 22, 2022

Matthew Klotz ‘22 has been a member of the HBHS Cheerleading team since freshman year, participating in both the fall and winter seasons. He has earned the title of captain, as well as an equally impressive...

Lovering stands with Buddy, the horse she competed with this summer. Lovering has ridden Buddy for two years, and just recently started helping ride more lessons horses at Fox Creek. As well as her own familys horse Roxy. When it comes to looking towards the future, “I want to continue doing IEA and I also want to focus on training my horse Roxy!” said Lovering.

Eve Lovering Feature

Theresa Cullen, Op-Ed Editor March 17, 2022

Despite the near twenty degree winter weather, Eve Lovering, a rider at Fox Creek farm in Hollis, can be found on Monday nights riding and taking care of the lesson horses. Lovering has been around horses...

Claire Paré is pictured here with fellow HBHS English Department teachers Mrs. Grosse and Mrs. Flaherty, gearing up for Paré’s first year of teaching. “I would love to take another class with Mrs. Paré! English has always been one of my favorite classes and she has a wonderful way of teaching it.” said Colie Toupin ‘22, a former student of Paré’s.

Mrs. Paré Feature

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Sometimes, the way a student's school year pans out, depends on their teachers. The teachers make or break the classes. To most, classes become more enjoyable when the students find that they can easily...

At the annual Chemo Care Package Event in the RMMS Gym, 1,500 packages were assembled to be distributed to local treatment centers and hospitals. Visit their website to find out how to donate, and get involved.

Pink Revolution’s 2021 Chemo Care Package Event Summary

Lauren Rogers, Head Editor March 14, 2022

  On November 13, Pink Revolution hosted its 3rd Annual Chemo Care Package Event in the Gym of Richard Maghakian Memorial School. During this event, 1,500 chemo care packages were assembled by...

Mrs. Heaton shows off the newly purchased books in her domain, the library.

Q&A with Mrs. Heaton

Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer February 7, 2022

Many people know of Mrs. Heaton. She is the keeper of the beloved library, where people go to hang out and study. Heaton is known to be up for a good laugh, no matter how she is feeling. What you are about...

Mrs. Fox McNeil chose Hollis/Brookline Coop school district to be closer to her kids. Just over 10 years later, she is still here making a positive impact at the high school.

Covid Q&A with School Nurse Amber Fox McNeil

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer February 7, 2022

Amber Fox McNeil, the HBHS nurse, has been in the Hollis/Brookline district for over 10 years. She and her colleagues have put in so much effort to make our school run smoothly in these challenging years...

Shining The Spotlight On Ms. Staub

Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer February 7, 2022

Ms. Staub, a social studies teacher, is well known at HBHS. She is the chair of the social studies department and teaches 9th grade U.S. History, as well as AP US. History. Along with this, Staub is the...

Q & A With Mr. Perry

Ethan Peters, Staff Writer February 7, 2022

Mr. Perry is a high school teacher for Hollis Brookline High School and each day no matter the situation, he always comes to work with a smile on his face. He is a very great teacher as well as a person...

Audrey jumping Renan at one of their competitions.

Q&A With Audrey Littlefield

Amanda Gardiner, Staff Writer January 29, 2022

Riding horses isn’t one of the most common sports, especially eventing. It's not like you can just go to Dicks Sporting Goods and get a soccer ball, some cleats and shin guards. What makes a young girl...

Freshman and Sophomore History teacher Ms. Ellis sat down to talk about her teaching career and what she loves most about teaching at HBHS. “Honestly the best part of teaching here is the people that I work with. We have some really amazing communities, all of our departments are like little families” said Ellis.

Q+A With Ms. Ellis

Katelyn Seamonds, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

AP World and US History Teacher Christina Ellis is known to be a student favorite here at Hollis Brookline High School. She is known for her adorable “Dog of the Day Calendar” and her inspirational...

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