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The Show Must Go On

The poster for Trap, the spring play last year. It was pre-recorded and live streamed on YouTube last May. “I think it’s the best we can do under these circumstances. Would I prefer doing in person shows? Yes. We can’t because, you know, we can’t,” says stage manager Jess Hu ‘21.
November 12, 2020

Despite the many obstacles that the coronavirus pandemic has created, the theater program is still going strong, even though it’s being conducted over Zoom. Starting with the cancelation of The Music...

Virtual Guitar Night 2020

Sean Tisa, guitarist, plays a Blind Melon song with his band. Backed by Miles Montgomery 22’, Helene McNabb 22’, Ian McNabb 20’ and Mary Martin 20’, Sean knew this song was one for the ages. “No Rain by Blind Melon was for sure my favorite. We played that at 90s night,” said Tisa.
November 6, 2020

As the Class of 2020 reached the end of their High School career at HB, the many musically inclined students were disappointed by the cancellation of their last Guitar Night. But, in times of pain, Eric...

Differences Between Remote and In-Person Learning at HBHS

William Bird 22’ in a live zoom remote class at his home workspace.
October 27, 2020

  There are two options for students at Hollis Brookline High School to pick as far as attending school: in-person or via Zoom. What are those differences and what do students generally seem to...

Harry Porter’s Unique Approach to Making Music

Harry Porter ‘21 creates his music using FL Studio on a personal laptop. Many of the sounds in Porter's music come from sources on the internet.
October 26, 2020

With the number of kids participating in band and choir class at HB, you almost certainly know someone with musical talent. With the rise of electronic music, you might even know some electronic music...

Life During Quarantine

A class at HB being taught over Zoom. This year has forced teachers to be adaptive and innovative in order to tailor their classes to remote environments. “I think teaching online can make you a better teacher. You have to be crystal clear with where you want to go, what learning experience will help students develop skills, and you have to be really, really organized, and think ahead all of the time.” said Illingworth.
October 21, 2020

On a cold March day, students left the building with hopes high, looking forward to returning to school in two weeks once COVID-19 blew over. What students didn’t know, however, is that this would be...

Top three video games to play during quarantine

Hannah Escandon loads up the Sims 4 on her laptop, as she cracks her knuckles in anticipation of the intense gaming session to follow. “I like building things in the sims because you can just have all the money in the world, and like wow!”
May 12, 2020

Since mid-March, we have all been cooped up inside our houses, and as of right now, there’s no telling exactly when we’ll be set free. People are in dire need of ways to stave off the eternal boredom...

Jordan’s Last Dance

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman grace the cover of “The Last Dance”. Entertainment writer Jason Fraley says “36 years after first stepping on the court for the Chicago Bulls, His Airness remains the king as ESPN’s new 10-part documentary “The Last Dance” broke ratings records with its first two episodes.”
May 11, 2020

In a world currently devoid of sports, a familiar hero strikes again. Whether you know him from his incredible basketball career, his mediocre baseball stint, or an interesting acting career, Michael “Air”...

Lia Eisenberg Spreads Positivity Through Her Music

Lia Eisenberg performs her music on stage in front of an audience. She has always loved creating music and sharing her talents with the world. “I love sharing things that I enjoy with those around me to help others feel better”.
May 11, 2020

Hollis Brookline High School Student Lia Eisenberg ‘21 spreads constant positivity on her Instagram page dedicated to her music. As part of her page, Eisenberg shares videos thanking those who are still...

Five ways to keep yourself busy during quarantine

The Coronavirus has resulted in many people now trying to find ways to keep themselves busy, individuals are spending time doing more at home activities just trying to escape the boredom the stay-at-home order has brought. “Quarantine has been good for my art, because I really have nothing else to do so I’ve got more time to focus on it,” said Sam Hayes ’21.
April 28, 2020

Coronavirus has hit us surprisingly hard; there are orders to stay inside and avoid others, and boredom is setting in. With in person classes ending for the year and going longer without and seeing your...

How musical artists, athletes and celebrities are staying occupied while indoors

John Krasinski at home debuting his show Some Good News. He has done two episodes, each one talking about the positive side of the news during the Coronavirus outbreak. “It’s a nice break from the bad news going on all the time during the Pandemic”, said Annie Hazelton ‘21.
April 20, 2020

Across the country and the entire planet, COVID-19 has brought our normal lives to a screeching halt. Almost all public events have been postponed or canceled for the foreseeable future, and the population...

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