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We, the staff and students of the The CavChron LINE, strive to publish an  informative  and accurate media to serve as a forum for student expression and public information for our school and surrounding community. Our editors, staff, contributors, and advisor are committed to following the NSPA’s High School Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which guides us as we provide a well-organized and trustworthy source of news. In assuming this position, we represent Hollis Brookline High School as a public, student-run publication whose purpose is to inform and entertain the community.


Great students and good writing have always been at the heart of student publishing at Hollis Brookline High School. The newspaper is one facet of Hollis Brookline Media & Publishing, HBM&P, which also hosts our yearbook, Excalibur, and a Tumblr-based literary ‘zine, Genres.

Early Hollis Brookline publications of the 20th century included cut-and-paste literary magazines such as Spiel, followed by newsletters, a few underground newspapers, and some years without a magazine or newspaper. Excalibur is the only publication that has been part of the journalism culture since the school’s first graduates.

The newspaper was revived, albeit in a very rudimentary online format, from 2001-2002, then re-launched as an 8-page print edition, The Cavalier Chronicle, in 2003. As student interest in journalism grew, so did the newspaper, finally becoming The CavChron, a 16-page publication, written and produced by a team of anywhere between 24-55 student writers, editors, managers, proofreaders, photographers, and artists at any given time.

Currently, Hollis Brookline’s journalism needs have expanded with the onset of  21st century journalism. TheCavChron includes social media connections as part of its multi-media platform as we continue to incorporate trends in design and delivery seen in professional publications and award-winning student news media. Print editions will be considered for special events, yet online is where most readers of news find themselves nowadays, and HB Media & Publishing will be there as well.

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