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Toilet Talk made its debut to the Hollis Brookline bathrooms for the 2021-2022 school year. These posters are located in every bathroom stall and are equipped with important phone numbers and activities happening around the school.

How HBHS is Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

Mental health is an epidemic. Some people are more open with their journey, and others feel it is safer to hide their struggles. For teens, trying to deal with mental health challenges can be difficult...

Pictured are four different varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints, and Trefoils. It was difficult for many troops across the country to get enough boxes of cookies this year to fulfill their orders. “The Adventurefuls and Trefoils [were in particularly short supply] I think because the demand was underestimated,” said Girl Scout, Shea Decoteau ‘22.

How Supply Chain Disruptions Led to a Shortage of Girl Scout Cookies

Rachel Lindof, Assistant Head Editor April 22, 2022

It is evident that there have recently been large disruptions in the global supply-chain as a result of pandemic lockdowns and subsequent manufacturing delays. The global economy recently has seen shortages...

Issues Facing Hollis Brookline High School

Issues Facing Hollis Brookline High School

How the Critical Race Theory Debate Could Affect AP Designation, Rachel Lindof “AP opposes censorship. AP is animated by a deep respect for the intellectual freedom of teachers and students alike....

This substitute teacher badge shows that we have plenty of substitutes on hand when we need them. We are very lucky to have the staff that we do at Hollis/Brookline High School. Without them, the students would not be able to learn properly to prepare them for college.

How Short-Staffed Elementary Schools Affect Children’s Education

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer March 10, 2022

Imagine, sitting in a classroom with your third substitute of the day, feeling like you aren't learning anything, just doing the same work you have been doing for weeks. That is what most students are...

Emma Hutchinson ‘22 fills out the form to ask one of her teachers for a letter of recommendation. It’s common for seniors to need recommendation letters from two different teachers when applying to colleges. “It was difficult figuring out which of my teachers I should ask to write my recommendation letters, but once I talked to them about it the rest of the process was easy,” said Hutchinson.

The College Application Process

Rachel Lindof, Assistant Head Editor February 4, 2022

Actors performing the first part of Clue, first in-person performance since COVID-19, during cav block, opened for HBHS students/staff to watch. “The support from the community has been amazing and the entire cast is super excited to show off the time and effort weve dedicated to this show,” said Hersey.

In-Person Plays Making a Return

Jill Bradbrook, Staff Writer January 4, 2022

Hollis Brookline theatrically involved students are beyond thrilled about the return to in-person theater. This past year and a half, the department has held virtual theater, where the students have filmed...

A driveway in Hollis is covered in snow from a previous year. This driveway could have unknown ice underneath, so drivers should be careful.

Winter is coming: How to prepare to drive in the snow

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer January 4, 2022

We all know that the cold weather we have been having means one thing: winter is coming. It's inevitable. It happens every year. Everyone knows, snow comes with winter. However, as everyone forgets, driving...

Gas Prices in San Diego

Elliot Troddyn, Staff Writer December 9, 2021

While we have all been feeling the pain when filling up at the pump recently, nobody is feeling the pain quite as deeply as residents of San Diego. According to CBS8, the national average price for gas...

Pfizer Vaccine Approved for Children Ages 5-11

Pfizer Vaccine Approved for Children Ages 5-11

Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer November 16, 2021

Every parent and guardian has been eagerly waiting for the Pfizer vaccine to be approved for their younger kids. The demand for the vaccine has increased ever since school started. Parents are worried...

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