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Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer December 9, 2021

Acceptance. When people think of the word acceptance, each person has a different interpretation of it. But what does the word acceptance mean to the HB community? This is the question that I am hoping...

Two drinks from Starbucks.

Review of Starbucks Halloween “Secret Menu”

Jill Bradbrook, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

Halloween season is bringing eager Starbucks customers to try some festive drinks. A collection was released for fall, but shockingly nothing for this Halloween, not even the classic “Witches Brew Creme...

HBHS’s book closet nicknamed “The Room of Requirement  for the rooms inconspicuous placement on the second floor and the copious amount of titles inside.

Living Between the Pages

Katelyn Seamonds, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

I can still recall the feeling I went through when I first read The Outsiders by S.E Hinton in seventh grade. It was the middle of May when my teachers passed the novel out to my class and started going...

Bags of Halloween candy fill grocery stores in anticipation for the holiday. Im excited to purchase my favorites, said Miriam Burgher 22

What is the Best Halloween Candy?

Rachel Lindof, Assistant Head Editor November 4, 2021

It's November first and you walk into the grocery store ready to purchase the remaining Halloween candy off of the shelves for half the price. You walk past the bags of Nerds, Twix, Smarties, and Butterfingers,...

The Mac and Cheese Debate Revisited

The Mac and Cheese Debate Revisited

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer October 31, 2021

Most kids are picky eaters. They often just choose chicken tenders or mac and cheese off a menu, but what kind of mac and cheese do people like the most? I did a poll on my Instagram story to find the...

Taylor Swift’s Lyrical Expertise

Theresa Cullen, Op-Ed Editor October 22, 2021

Taylor Swift expertly combines a melodic score, strong yet soothing vocals, and remarkable lyricism in her eleventh Evermore track, “A Cowboy Like Me.” The song starts quickly, playing a singular beat...

Dining at Juanita’s

Emma Harley, Staff Writer October 22, 2021

Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant is an authentic eatery located off of route 13 in Brookline, NH, across from Chrysanthis. They serve a variety of Mexican cuisine including tacos, burritos, fajitas, empinadas,...

Can we produce productivity?

Sean Tisa, Staff Writer June 10, 2021

Imagine this: you sit down after a day at school, ready to knock out your homework and have the rest of the night to do as you please. You take out your paper, ready to work, and suddenly your phone...

The Importance of Being a Polyglot

Hannah Escandon, Head Editor May 25, 2021

At least once a week, Spanish music fills the first floor hallway, painting a vivid picture of Spanish culture through common verbs and adjectives. Students at Hollis Brookline High School have the opportunity...

Some students personally think that finals are a good way to prepare for upcoming classes. “I personally dont really want finals as they arent exactly enjoyable, but I feel like they also offer a lot of reason to study therefore maybe absorb a lot of information before taking harder classes next year,” said Abby Haskel ‘23.

Finals are Cancelled

Sehar Gogia, Staff Writer May 12, 2021

As the end of the school year comes closer, students usually have to take finals. The pandemic caused finals last year to be dropped as well as midterms this year. Principal Rick Barnes has determined...

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