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It’s time to make a difference, Hollis-Brookline

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor October 24, 2018

Kids can make a significant difference in the world before they grow up. Yet, at Hollis-Brookline High School, it almost seems as though my fellow students and I are off in our own little universe, where...

The above picture is of Christopher Columbus.

On monsters…

Jackson Hinkle , Staff Writer October 10, 2018

It’s often that people speak kindly of when Christopher Columbus sailed to a place he thought was Japan. Of course, he did not arrive in Asia, but an entirely different continent that we now know as...

Columbus Day remains an important holiday for some Americans. Lorenzo Occhialini ‘20 dresses up for the festivities.

Columbus Day, the best of America

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor October 7, 2018

Disclosure: this article is written for satirical purposes only, the ideas herein do not reflect those of the author or the CavChron.   The second Monday in October approaches, and with it, perhaps...

The Canva Poster, created by Christine Heaton, advertises the idea of media literacy. Media literacy, or the ability to discern the quality, bias, and authenticity of sources consumers view, create, and share, is becoming even more relevant as access to the internet and social media increases. “The biases become like super viruses. You can try to stop it, but it's going to find a way around it,” said Heaton.

Before you hit share

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor October 2, 2018

Today, thanks to the increase in access to a continuous stream of digital updates, false information can be widely shared with a ripple-like effect. All it takes is one click to send falsified news or...

Redlining was used for decades to decide where the FHA and VA would ensure loans. Houses in areas with African American residents usually did not qualify. This policy was blatantly unconstitutional because it made African Americans second class citizens.

I’m a Democrat…and I agree with Ben Carson

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor October 1, 2018

In this era of extreme political polarization, it is important to be able to recognize when an opponent introduces a motion that deserves bipartisan support. Last month, Ben Carson made an appeal to...

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