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Often the holiday season can be a challenging time for members of the LGBTQ+ community, as not all families are loving and accepting of their respective identities. “Be careful to gender and name [your LGBTQ friends] correctly… now is not the time for hold-ups on the specifics on what’s going on in the LGBTQ community,” said Rowan Gingras ‘20.

Acceptance and the Holiday Season

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor December 24, 2018

Forward: I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Hollis Brookline High School GSA for their overwhelming support for this article. This article isn’t about my opinion- it’s intended...

Teagan Hudzik ‘19 stands outside the polling station in Hollis, campaigning for himself as a representative write-in. Although Hudzik was aware he was extremely unlikely to be elected, his stand showed that he took interest in the civic functioning of the United States government. “It’s important to let your voice be heard. The whole cornerstone of our democracy is about participation in elections...Young people are very much so underrepresented in electoral politics and it’s really vital that their voice be heard… everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.”

The responsibility of the citizenry

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor December 5, 2018

The phrases “civic duty” and “service to our country” are often used in the same sentence, and refer almost exclusively to the significance of the military or voting. While military service is...

Many of the objects used in everyday life are made from plastic including: toothbrushes, bottles and bottle caps, toys and so much more. In order to help control plastic’s effects on the world, we as a community have to reduce our plastic usage. “[The negatives of plastics are] so hard to get across to students, but it has to do with the mindset. If we can get people in the mindset that climate change is real… [it] will have large impact on everything around us,” said Amira Elfadil ‘19.

There’s a world out there, and it’s time to care

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor November 2, 2018

Plastic cups, plastic wrap, plastic chairs, plastic bears, plastic blocks, plastic clocks; plastic here, plastic there, plastic everywhere! In modern society, one of the most popular manufacturing materials,...

do it

It’s time to make a difference, Hollis-Brookline

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor October 24, 2018

Kids can make a significant difference in the world before they grow up. Yet, at Hollis-Brookline High School, it almost seems as though my fellow students and I are off in our own little universe, where...

The Canva Poster, created by Christine Heaton, advertises the idea of media literacy. Media literacy, or the ability to discern the quality, bias, and authenticity of sources consumers view, create, and share, is becoming even more relevant as access to the internet and social media increases. “The biases become like super viruses. You can try to stop it, but its going to find a way around it,” said Heaton.

Before you hit share

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor October 2, 2018

Today, thanks to the increase in access to a continuous stream of digital updates, false information can be widely shared with a ripple-like effect. All it takes is one click to send falsified news or...

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