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How Does Homework Affect a High School Student’s Sleep Schedule?

Here at HBHS, this is a typical homework assignment from an AP level class. The amount of homework a student has can have disastrous effects on their health and sleep schedule. “Kids shouldn’t be given more than two hours of homework a day, [preferably] one hour a day outside of school,” said Christina Ellis.

Elise Dinbergs, Co-A&E Editor

November 26, 2019

The average high school student struggles to find time in the day to balance their homework and extracurricular activities, which can often have a negative impact on them. For those attempting to find time to fit in all their homework and activities, sleeping may seem like an option instead of a nee...

Football Champions

The boys of the Hollis Brookline football team fought hard at the DII NHIAA Football Championship. This was the football team’s first appearance in the championship game. “I felt like it was a great end to one of the most fun seasons I’ve ever played,” said Parr.

Amanda Brown, Op-Ed Editor

November 25, 2019

After a grueling game against three-time champion Plymouth Regional High School, Hollis Brookline put up a vicious fight. Even with the rain pelting down, there was no stopping the HB football team, nor the Hollis Brookline fans.  With Plymouth scoring a touchdown within the first five minutes of the game...

What’s the deal with Black Friday?

Stores boast high savings on Black Friday to entice consumers into buying more. Small businesses lose out from holidays like Black Friday that promote large corporations that can afford to significantly markdown their produces, which ultimately draws in more revenue if they’re successful. “It’s [mostly just] big businesses trying to go out there on Black Friday to get extra sales,” said Jade Weaver ‘21.

Megan Strecker, Web Editor

November 21, 2019

One of the most chaotic days of the retail calendar and an anticipated “holiday” for large corporations, Black Friday, is impending. This money-maker holiday is well established in American culture, but contradictory to its unfathomable markdowns, Black Friday is infamous for its shortcomings. Its na...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

A student throwing a water bottle in the last available recycling bin. Helping Hollis Brookline get back to being green is a priority in the minds of many teachers and students.“It’s a small thing, but it has a big impact on our school and the environment,” said Kathryn Fry ‘20.

Abi Blasi, Sports Editor

November 20, 2019

The environment is a prominent topic in the news these days, and anything that we can do, big or small, can be beneficial. Recycling all your paper and plastic at home and at school is a good start. But recently at Hollis Brookline High School, we have hit a recycling roadblock.  A majority of t...

Preseason Puck

The H.B.D.S. Warriors look ahead to the upcoming 2019-2020 season with high expectations. The Warriors finished 9-9 last year, but have already started their preseason captain’s practices to improve this year and have their best season in team history. “I hope to lead my team to another playoff berth and maybe win that playoff game,” said Chris Slater ‘20, “Last year, we came really close, we lost in double overtime in the first round, but I expect more this year, and I’ll put it on myself to make that happen.”

TJ McKenna, Asst. Sports Editor

November 20, 2019

All athletes know how important the preseason is to the success of their regular season. Countless hours in the gym and extra work before the season begins can give teams an advantage, and the edge that sets teams apart when the lights are brightest and everything is on the line. On Oct. 12, the Ho...

Over Caffeinated

These drinks are new additions to the Hollis-Brookline High School’s cafeteria. The Ice caffeinated drinks and cold brew coffee have been flying off of the shelves for the past two weeks. However, according to King, the Snapple that has been offered contains caffeine as well.

Amanda Brown, Op-Ed Editor

November 20, 2019

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, there are new drinks that line the shelves of the refrigerators in the cafeteria. These new drinks consist of  Ice’s sparkling caffeinated drinks, as well as Java House’s cold brew coffee. As soon as they are stocked, the drinks are sold out, selling out withi...

Games For Sunday 11/24

Sports, Writer

November 20, 2019

The Football team will be traveling to UNH on Sunday where they will face Plymouth in the NHIAA Division II State Championship game. Kick-off is scheuled for 2:30pm. The admission fee to the game is $6 /students and $8 /adults.   There will be a pre-season meeting for all those interested in participating in Indoor Tra...

Dog of the Week 🐕 11-18

This is Tag Hunt! He’s a silly black lab with a big personality. He loves going on walks, taking big naps, eating all the food, and going to play at doggy daycare.

November 18, 2019

Presenting Tag, this week's Pet of the Week! Submitted by Lauren Hunt '20

Game Results – Saturday 11/16

Sports, Writer

November 18, 2019

Results from Saturday - November 16th :   The Football team traveled to Bow to take on the # 1 seed and undefeated Falcons (10-0) in the Semifinal round of the NHIAA Division II Tournament. After 48 minutes of action, the Cavaliers finished on top with a 34-14 victory. On offense, Marc-Andr...

Cavaliers Advance to Championship in 34-14 Game Against Bow

Playing against an undefeated Bow High School on Saturday, Hollis-Brookline

Harry Bates, Asst. Head Editor

November 16, 2019

Though it was certainly a cold one out there today, Hollis-Brookline's Cavaliers showed no signs of slowing down. With a cheerful crowd on their feet and cow bells ringing, it was clear that Hollis-Brookline's spectators craved this win just as much as the team itself. Encouraging the football team through thick ...

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