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Bret Belden
Bret Belden entered his senior year heavily involved in both volleyball programs at the school. As a returning captain for the spring varsity boys team, Belden has spent most of his free time playing throughout his high school career. Belden is also a pronounced juggler whose legend is often whispered throughout the halls by underclassmen. After graduation he plans to enter his freshman year at a university, where he hopes to participate in the volleyball program. Belden recently moved to Hollis, and lives at home with his parents and two siblings. His brother, Russ, is 22 and graduated HBHS in 2012. His freshman sister, Kyra, is a setter for the varsity volleyball team of which Belden is a manager. Belden has had a job since the summer after his freshman year and only recently switched locations for the remainder of his time in Hollis, NH. At the high school, Belden has taken a tough schedule comprised of honors and AP classes. One class he is particularly excited about is Journalism, the course he’s signed up to take for a full year. Belden holds high hopes for the remainder of his high school career and is excited for what lies ahead.

Bret Belden , Staff Writer

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Bret Belden