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Undertale Review

December 10, 2015

Every few years, the gaming community gets an RPG game (a “role-playing game” in which your character becomes part of a vast world of characters and cultures) that becomes wildly popular. The RPG trend...

Gaming Stereotypes

Gaming Stereotypes
December 7, 2015

I would think you all know what a gamer is, or what the stereotypical gamer is. The kind of description you would only ever find on Urban Dictionary; overweight with poor personal hygiene living in their...

Chess Club Broadens its Horizons

Photo Credit: Evan Moloney
October 16, 2014

The Chess Club just got a little bigger. For the past two years, Hollis-Brookline High School has had a chess club, meeting on and off throughout the school year. It was one of the school's more modest...

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