Bowling team looks to strike fear into their opponents


Jack MacLeod

This banner serves as a permanent reminder to the bowling team’s success in recent years.

Jack MacLeod, Staff Writer

With the winter months approaching, numerous sports teams are preparing for a season full of wins. One such team is hoping to see lots of strikes–not baseball, but bowling.

Most people probably view the sport of bowling as a mere pastime, but there are some who bowl competitively. As a matter of fact, 34 hopeful bowlers tried out for the team, the biggest turnout in years. Unfortunately, this means there is not a spot on the roster for everyone. Nevertheless, it is great to see such widespread interest in the sport. Richard Cadario ‘17 explains, “only the top 24 bowlers will be able to be on the team, and to be honest, I’m really nervous”. The roster has been finalized, and Cadario was relieved to see his name on it. Not all the bowlers were on the squad last year, however. Coach Robbins states, “We definitely have a few new additions to the team that seem promising”.

Bowling may not seem like much of a team sport, or even a sport at all, but that is not the case. Cadario explains, “The top five bowlers’ scores over two games are tallied up, then those scores place you in the baker tournament. The baker consists of one game, ten frames. The first bowler takes the first and the sixth, the second with the second and seventh, and so on. That’s when it gets intense”.

Like all sports, there’s also a coach. The bowling team has two coaches, Spanish teacher Mrs. Robbins and paraeducator Mr. D’Attilio. Being a skilled bowler himself, D’Attilio is the one who helps with technique, while Robbins works out practice times and the match schedule. As Robbins put it, “[D’Attilio] calls me the Robert Kraft of the bowling team and he’s the Bill Belichick”. If the team can experience anywhere close to the level of success as the New England Patriots this season, they should be in good shape.

A little-known fact about HB’s bowling program is that they won the state title back in the 2011-12 season. The team lost several key bowlers the following year, and has not been back to finals since. “Last year was a good year for building but we didn’t make the playoffs,” says Cadario, “This year, we only lost two seniors”.

So where does the team need to improve to have a great 2016-17 season? Robbins has an idea. “One word to sum up our team–inconsistent. She adds, “I think our goal as coaches is to work on that inconsistency. Our goal as a team would be to make the playoffs”. Hopefully they can bowl their way to the postseason, and maybe even put up another banner.