Unique gifts under $20


Kat Pellerin

Get these last minute gifts for family and friends!

Kat Pellerin, Op/Ed Editor

Tired of the same old gifts, like jewelry, perfume, or sports memorabilia? Look no further for gift ideas that will put a smile (or a frown) on your recipient’s face, all while striking people off your “buy-for” list. Most of these ideas can be found right on Amazon.com.


High Five Confetti Cannon- This small, reloadable contraption makes any celebration epic. Simply place it on your hand, load the cartridge full of biodegradable confetti, and high five the chosen co-celebrator. Stop-motion action shot not included; cartridges included.


Gandalf Salt & Pepper Shakers- No one would be salty from receiving this gift because it is both awesome and practical. It’s a great conversation starter for your nerd party and would be the most interesting present of the night. Any Lord of the Rings fan could use an addition to their LOTR collectibles. So, why not help?


Garden-in-a-Can- Perfect for anyone with or without a green thumb, this gift is sure to make cooking with fresh ingredients easier than ever. Open the top, add water daily, and watch as plants such as cilantro and mint grow right on your windowsill. It saves time, work, and a mess!


Pizza scissors and spatula- From an aspiring chef to your next-door neighbor, everyone loves to receive a gift that makes their lives easier. Take away all the burned hands, spilling cheese, and falling toppings, and replace them with quick, even slices of pizza. After all, pizza is the most beloved food on the planet, and should be treated with the utmost care.


Nothing- Unsure what to get the person who has everything? Get them Nothing! It is the perfect gag gift for countless occasions: yankee swaps, secret santas, holidays, etc. As the package says, “This is the ultimate in minimalism.”