HBHS foods students spread holiday cheer


Mario Barassi

Kali Simods ’17, Bella DeMayo ’17, and Selene Berube ’17, work on their gingerbread house in foods class.

Mario Barassi

Every year during first semester Foods One class, Mrs. Hancock hosts a Gingerbread House contest. Hancock said she has been hosting the competition for twelve years. Each group consists of 3-4 members who each work diligently  during the entirety of December to create the best house they can. No two houses are the same; each have its own style and quirks. In years past, students have made anything from a hobbit house to a more traditional style house.


Each class brings its own challenges, starting with the first few days when the groups bake their gingerbread. This process tends to take the most time, and requires a great amount of focus when mixing the numerous ingredients. After the bread is baked, a festive aroma fills the first floor. Emmie White ‘19 said, “Working with friends and making decisions on how to decorate it,” was her favorite part.

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Although the gingerbread unit in Foods One is fun, many groups encounter roadblocks along the way. Selene Berube, ‘17 said challenges from her group included “making a tree, and getting the frosting the right color.” When challenges occur the groups must persevere. Simren Bhogal ‘17 said, “We conquered it as a team. Someone broke part of our house and we put it back together. You need to cooperate.”


After the gingerbread houses are complete, they will be put on display in the library for all to enjoy before Christmas Break. They will be voted on by the students and a winner will be chosen. Hancock said, “They used to do paper ballots, but now they can vote in real time, online.” She added the winners will get a gift basket or gift cards and their work will be displayed at local restaurants for the Christmas season. The restaurants include popular seafood eatery, Surf in Nashua, and Michael Timothy’s, on Main St. in Nashua. A third gingerbread house will be exhibited at Buckley’s Great Steaks in Merrimack.