Holiday Joy

Kailah Cox, Staff Writer

Many people in the HB community celebrate the winter holidays in all different ways. Some people celebrate Christmas, New Years, or Hanukkah. At this time of year traditions come hand in hand with the holidays. Some people pick out a family tree,  write letters to send to Santa and leaves cookies by the fireplace, watch 25 Days of Christmas on ABC, help those in need, make special breakfasts, and maybe even create a gingerbread house.


Sadie Hudzik ‘17 said her favorite holiday tradition is “Picking out just the perfect sized Christmas tree.” She goes the day after Thanksgiving with her family because “The day after Thanksgiving is automatically Christmas time.” The Hudzik family goes to Massachusetts to find a Christmas tree and decorates it the day after. They play Christmas music while decorating, and they bake lots of cookies.


Emalee Flanagan a former student of HBHS states, “My favorite holiday tradition is the Elf on the Shelf because it promotes good behavior.” She works with younger kids and believes that seeing the elf move every morning starts the day off on a happy note.

A young individual said he enjoys writing letters to Santa. “I like sitting with my mom and telling Santa what I wish for.” He sat with a big smile on his face and said, “we play Christmas music and burn the letter in our chimney after I write it.”
The Hollis-Brookline community comes together during the winter season to help each other as much as possible throughout the season by the giving tree, the town luminary, and Share.  All religions and holidays are celebrated differently, and each tradition can be honored in their own ways. It’s important to recognize traditions being diverse but also similar.