What makes Hollis Brookline High School unique?


Adriana Radosavljevic

A photograph of the stopping point located between the school and the lacrosse field.

Adriana Radosavljevic, Copy Editor

High schools are always known for certain features. For example, Bishop Guertin is known for strong Division I sports programs, the Nashua schools for fundraisers and fairs, and Timberlane for its performing arts programs.


So what makes HBHS unique?


Hollis Brookline is quite notable when it comes to student well-roundedness. “The amount of clubs [at the high school allows] people [to] really find their niche and help the school in the process,” said Abby Lewis ‘17. There seems to be something for everyone, whether that may mean the physical activity of a school sports team, the scholastic involvement of a math- or science-based team, or the philanthropic pursuit of a community-centered group.


Rebecca Nelson ‘17 loves the level of student involvement as well, and said that students can be seen participating in a variety of clubs, sports, and out-of-school activities on top of their everyday academics. They can be seen after school running laps, fundraising for clubs, and leaving at dusk to go home and do homework. Others may be found working up to forty hours each week and volunteering on off time.


Even with all these activities, somehow the school has managed to stay one of the very best schools in the country. In fact, US News named HBHS as one of America’s Best High Schools in 2015. With the joined school system, students are given more opportunities than would otherwise be available. “A lot of the programs, for example, the poetry class, probably wouldn’t be a thing if it was just a Hollis school because they would be too focused on having the basic classes, the classes that you would need to get a good education,” said Hayden Kubishta ‘17.


There is always room for improvement, as individuals and as a community. However, HB has an overwhelming list of things to be proud of, ranging everywhere from acceptance as a community to a drive towards greatness.