Apple’s new iPhone release

Steve Giaconia, Staff Writer

Apple’s new iPhone 7 flaunts a new camera, greater battery performance, wider color gamut, and is water resistant. Despite its new enhancements, the highlighted feature on the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack on the phone. This change is controversial as users have mixed feelings about it.


Opinions from students at Hollis Brookline High School vary, as some consider the change to be detrimental, while others enjoy it. This split is due to the fact that without the $53.99 adapter, the music on the device only plays through its speaker and bluetooth. Max Stapelfeld ‘20, said, “I can’t listen to music without the adapter, so why get an upgrade?”


Many consumers are outraged with the additional expense for the Apple power charger and adapter, as people like having headphones. Said David R. Wheeler from CNN, “I also sometimes walk around with the headphones in, wires dangling from my ears to my ‘iPhone pocket’ even when I’m not taking a phone call or listening to music. It sends a pretty strong message: Don’t talk to me right now.”


Overall, the new product seems to be a poor upgrade, but those such as Andrew Elkin ’19 feel that the missing headphone jack is “revolutionizing new phones.” When it comes down to it, people feel very strongly about whether or not the product is going to be both practical and convenient.