Interested in teaching?

Hannah Balfour, Staff Writer

Interactions within the SAU 41 community can help build a strong foundation of camaraderie and enhance the educational experience for students in all grades. Pursuing further collaborations with the elementary and high schools will allow for mentoring opportunities.

On Oct. 28, 2016, Physics students launched water balloons with trebuchets built from scratch. The Physics department was lucky enough to have third graders from the Hollis Primary School visit and observe the launchings, and have AP Physics II students be their “ambassadors” or tour guides, Adam Wilcox says. Each primary student was able to see trebuchet launchings, learn about the history of trebuchets in the medieval era, and was able to partake in a collaboration between schools to further enhance their education.

The collaboration on Trebuchet day was an experiment; a first in the program’s history. Each elementary student was given a map of the field, and were told the events of the day. High school students like Vienna Scott ’17 lead elementary kids around the field. “All had a good time” Wilcox said, even though most said the weather that day was not the best.

Students from Hollis Brookline High School collaborate with the elementary school by teaching unique subjects to the young students, some not generally taught in the SAU 41 system. For instance, Megan Gialluca ‘17 wants to major in the field of astronomy and had a chance to help elementary students explore the field in 2015. Gialluca stated, “I taught fifth grade classes about the properties of light and how light travels through the universe.”

Gialluca was asked by Nicole Tomaselli, Curriculum Administrator from the Hollis Primary School, to teach the class about space, and Gialluca will be traveling down to teach astronomy again in February of 2017. Teachers from the primary school appreciated the visit and welcome more.

It is important, especially around the holidays, to recognize the significance of community. Having differing aged students interacting with each other can help further build a network of connections and a new level of understanding of their community. If the elementary and high school pursue further collaborations, they too will build more connections and hopefully appreciate their community even more.

If you are interested in participating in another collaboration with the elementary schools, please contact administration at the Hollis Primary School.