The Social Media Debate


Jonathan Carr, Staff Writer

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are all social media platforms that most people use. Whether it’s to post pictures or to catch up with friends, all of these sites revolve around connecting with friends and family.


The two most popular platforms are Snapchat and Instagram, and for good reason, too. Snapchat is a favorite because it is easy to use. The user takes a picture and sends it to one person in particular or posts it to a story. A story is a slideshow of pictures that a user’s friends can view. It is the easiest platform to let friends know what is going on. Snapchat has a very relaxed or laid back feeling, due to the limited ability of editing photos. Snapchat is a speedy app, so it is possible to keep friends updated 24/7. Trevor Cardin ‘18 said, “I like Snapchat because it’s quick and easy to use.”


On the other hand, Instagram is a favorite because of the detail of which each post is capable. The app has editing features built into the posting process. It is very easy to tweak the photos, exactly how the user desires. Students at HB enjoy ‘liking’ others’ posts and leaving friendly comments. It is one of the most interactive apps, thus why so many students enjoy it the most. Max Mello ‘19 said, “I like interacting with my friends and posting pictures of my life. Instagram allows me to do that in the easiest way.”


Twitter and Facebook are still somewhat popular but are slowly losing followers. Both of these platforms have not introduced many technological advances. They have stayed almost exactly the same for a few years now.


Whether it’s updating family or staying in contact with friends, social media is a fun way to interact with others.