Super Bowl predictions

Steve Giaconia, Staff Writer

The 51st Super Bowl is around the corner and it has come down to two powerhouse teams: The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. This is the Patriots’ fourth trip in the last decade, while this is only the second Super Bowl appearance in the last 51 years for the Falcons. Does experience give the Patriots the upper hand, or do the young playmakers of Atlanta give them the advantage? According to the Sports Analytics club at Hollis Brookline High School, “The Pats have a good chance to win because of the matchups, but the only thing that could cause problems for the Patriots is the physical size difference between New England cornerback, Malcolm Butler, and Atlanta wide receiver Julio Jones,”said Mark Lebak ‘19.


Christian D’Andrea of SB Nation says that experts believe that the Falcons will win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. “Super Bowl LI will come down to which superstar quarterback can make the biggest plays against an all-star defense.” Minds of SB Nation believe that Matt Ryan and Falcons have the upper hand due to the fiery surge that they have been on, going into the game.


When the students of Hollis Brookline High School were asked who will win Super Bowl LI, there was no surprise; it was 47 votes for the New England Patriots, and only 9 votes for the Atlanta Falcons. Living in New Hampshire may give a biased vote towards the Patriots, but that is who students think will win.


No matter who people think will win, these are both quality teams and it should be a good game to watch. It comes down to who will want it more in the end. Will Brady get his fifth ring, or will Matt Ryan get first Super Bowl win, and the Falcons their second? We will find out this Sunday, February 5.