HBHS TriM to sponsor open mic night at local music hub

Ava Occhialini, A&E Editor

TriM, the Hollis Brookline Musical Honors Society, will be hosting an open mic night tomorrow, Friday February 10, at Union Coffee Company in Milford, NH. The event is largely thanks to Abbey Kotelly ‘17, the President of TriM, who has sought to get the school musical group more involved in the community.

Union Coffee has open mic nights every Friday, which frequently showcase HBHS alumni. This night in particular will be sponsored by the members of TriM, though anyone is welcome to perform. All donations received on Friday will go towards supporting the group and mediating its expenses.

Matthew Barbosa, the group’s advisor, said, “It’s a good chance just for our kids to have a low stakes performance where they can try something new.” Barbosa also noted that while the night was likely to have many solo or small group musical performances, it also provides an opportunity for students to showcase skills such as improv and stand-up comedy as well.

Open mic nights at Union run for a duration of two hours, with anywhere from one to two dozen performers on any given Friday. Those interested in performing should speak to Abbey Kotelly as soon as possible, and to the owners of Union (who will be keeping their own running list of performers) upon arriving at the coffee shop Friday.

If you can’t make it to this open mic night, fear not, there will be other upcoming opportunities to come out and support HB’s most musical students. TriM will be holding student sponsored open mic nights every second Friday of the month at the coffee shop.