Senior shirts handed out on Valentine’s Day


“Our senior class united as a whole when our shirts came in. It was fun.” -Kevin Glover ’17

Maggie O'Hara and Rachel Marquis

The long-awaited senior shirts were delivered to students on Tuesday, Feb. 14 after a class assembly held in the Auditorium. Students and staff alike are feeling nostalgic as the senior shirts are, as Livi Simmermn ’17 stated, a mark of the “beginning of the end.”

Lin Illingworth, English Teacher at HB, described the feeling of getting senior shirts as a memorable one. “Once the senior shirts are passed out, it’s like the beginning of the big windup…like a ball rolling down a hill.”

Seniors look forward to the coming festivities such as Spirit Week (2/20-2/24), prom (5/26), Senior Week (6/5-6/9), and of course, graduation (6/10).

Rachel Marquis
“I think the senior shirts look great! It’s surreal that graduation is coming so soon.”
-Sarah Crocker ’17
Rachel Marquis
“I wish I could be more of a part of it, but unfortunately I won’t be able out with spirit week this year.”
-Kaylee Hillard ’17
Rachel Marquis
“I’m so excited to finally get our senior shirts, they look great!”
-Grace Santoski ’17
Rachel Marquis
“The end of the year is coming too fast, but I’m also excited at the same time.”
-Casey Mayou ’17