Ski Club wraps up for the season


Carly Mack

Hollis Brookline Ski Club

Connor Harris, Staff Writer

The Ski club was created by Madame Faucher, French teacher at the high school, and is led by the club’s president, Tucker Wood ‘17. The club is available every year for all of those who wish to either practice their skiing or just have fun on the slopes. They started this year with over twenty students participating. “It’s a large group of kids with both upper and lower classmen” said Tucker Wood. The club meets Thursday from 4-8pm starting January 5 and continuing until February 2. Because of the of snow days when the team couldn’t make it to the mountain, they were able to make up the lost time by meeting on February 9 and February 16.

Their first meeting at Crotched Mountain, the home for all of their future meetings, started off with some skiing followed  by dinner together. After they had gotten their fill, it was back to the mountain to get in few more runs before heading off back to the school. While there, the ski club had the opportunity to ski alongside other clubs. “Finding people from different schools and being able to interact with them while skiing without worrying about competition is the best,” said Selene Berube.

Wood described Ski Club as a “great way to relax and have fun after a long week,” and would recommend HB students join next year.