Sox blow past Rays, Tigers now in sight


Tom E. Johnson, Contributor

    When football and hockey seasons get underway at the start of fall, baseball sadly starts coming to a close. Most teams and cities don’t get the joy of having postseason baseball, but Boston and the rest of New England are some of the lucky few that can continue to watch their team accel. The Boston Red Sox, led by general manager John Farrell, has clinched a playoff spot in Major League Baseball playoffs. Finishing the season with a record of 97-65, the Red Sox are prime contenders for this year’s World Series. Blowing past the Tampa Bay Rays in four games in the American League Division Series game, the boys from Boston are moving onto the American League Championship game against the Detroit Tigers.

    Dan Smith, ‘17, watches the Red Sox all the time and rarely misses a game. When asked if the Sox will make it to the World Series, he said, “The Sox will make it to the World Series without a doubt, and they will end up playing Dodgers.” Not everybody has as much confidence. Jack Shields, ‘16, doesn’t think the Sox can do it. He said, “The Red Sox will not make it past the Tigers, there hitting just isn’t there.”

    With a team batting average of .286%, the batting has been mediocre for the Sox this season. Leadoff hitter Jacoby Ellsbury has .500% batting average, which is the highest on the team. Fantastic at the plate and on the field, there’s no doubt that Ellsbury is an all around great player.

    The Red Sox had great success against Tampa Bay, winning games one, two and four. The third game was won by Tampa, but the Sox fired back winning game four, and ultimately the series.

    The American League Championship got underway Saturday night, and game two was on Sunday night. Splitting the games, the Sox are ahead 2-1 in the series. Will our Sox do justice and win the World Series? We will have to wait and see. The Red Sox play the Detroit Tigers tonight at eight in Detroit.