Snow day fun


Anthony Tamposi

A snowy day can lead to snowy fun!

Anthony Tamposi, Staff Writer

Waking up to a winter wonderland outside your house can draw a smile on your face from ear to ear. The phone rings, and you are told from the news that school is cancelled. Now that you have the whole day to yourself, what will you do? How will you spend your snow day? Popular activities are catching up on sleep, making a snowman, and seeing friends. There are so many amazing tasks one could do on a snow day; there are unlimited options.


The students of Hollis Brookline are very vocal on what they like to do. Samantha Bell ‘17 said, “I like to go sledding on snow days, it’s very fun.”


If you are tired from the long week, a snow day can be a day to catch up on sleep. Jake Lysik ‘17 described how he likes to sleep in on snow days. Eventually he wakes up and eats homemade french toast. He claims that it’s a valuable way to spend his day.


The snowy roads don’t phase everybody; Kevin Glover ‘17 said, “When the snow is falling, the boys be calling.” Glover continued, short and sweet, “You know, Pizza Hut.”


Snow sports are extremely popular, especially when more snow arrives. Patrick MacDonald ‘18 said, “I like to get together with my friends and play broomball, which is like hockey, but with brooms for sticks and a large ball.”


For the students who cannot drive, activities at home are popular. Victoria Bruzik ‘20 said, “I like to wake up and watch Ellen DeGeneres. She’s so funny and it’s nice to watch her because I never get to during the week due to the early start time of school.”
Snow days are exciting and a great break from the work week. However, for juniors, sophomores, and freshman, the school days that they miss in the winter will likely have to be made up at the end of the school year – except for the sixth recent one – so snow days aren’t all positive. However, many HB students enjoy the day off from the week, and how you spend the day is your choice.