Coming to an autoshop near you


Jack Belanger

Many students participate in the auto programs at the tech center.

Jack Belanger, Staff Writer

For most students, as they hike along the adventure that is high school, they look at colleges and what prerequisites those schools’ classes require. For the majority of colleges, students need 3 or 4 years of math, science, English, and history. These classes are necessary to prepare students for college and beyond, but what if a student already knows what they want to do after high school? Perhaps their future job doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of chemistry or calculus. Luckily, for those who want to enter the workforce right away, schools like Hollis Brookline offer the opportunity for students to participate in Career and Technical Programs at other area high schools. These programs prepare students for specific professions once they finish high school or college.


Junior Brenden Ouziel is enrolled in Automotive Technology at Mascenic High School in New Ipswich, NH. Unlike standard high school courses, Ouziel is able to experience a hands-on approach to learn what it takes to be successful in the automotive field. “Instead of working in a classroom everyday, we get the opportunity to go into an actual workshop and see how to change oil and fix certain parts of the car,” Ouziel said. He has fallen in love with the program.


Ouziel also pointed out that the program is much more applicable to what he wants to do in the future than some of the electives at HB are. If he does choose to go to college, the program can count as a credit at some schools such as Nashua Community College.


Automotive Technology is not the only career program available to students: other programs include business, pre-engineering, culinary arts, computer science, and more. Students also have multiple venues to choose from: Alvirne High School, Milford Applied Technology Center, as well as  the Nashua Technology Center,  which also offers classes. Hollis Brookline provides transportation to these schools for students. The classes usually take up three periods of the day, with one of those periods being used for transportation.


If a student is interested in a program, they can look on the school’s program of studies or go to the guidance office to learn more about specific programs.