How should I pick my college?


Kaitlin Johnson

With so many to choose from, picking a college can be challenging.

Kaitlin Johnson, Staff Writer

Throughout senior year, many students decide what colleges they want to attend. Applying to college is a long and challenging process, and takes time to fill out all of the registration. By the end of their application process, on May 1, they have to make a decision on what their first college choice is.


In addition to facing the challenging process of applying, students then need to decide where to actually go. The reasons behind why people choose a college vary greatly. For example, some students want a college with a large student population, while other students want a small population and smaller classes, so that they get more attention from their professors. Additionally, the location of the college can affect their decision. Wanting to stay close to their family takes a big part in where they choose to go. These are all important considerations.


The greatest factor that drives students to make their final decision is saving as much money as they can and not wanting to be in debt. Emma Maxwell ‘17 explained that her decision to go to community college is the right path for her because she will be saving thousands of dollars. Community college gives her the chance to take her pre-requisites at a cheaper price than if she went to a university.


Feeling a sense of belonging and feeling at home is also very important to students. Toni Green ‘17 felt that as soon as she arrived on the Unity College campus. “I stepped on campus, I knew this is where I belonged,” she said. Green explained that no other campus she toured felt right to her and that there was something missing. Green is now committed to Unity College and will be double majoring in Environmental Science and Adventure Therapy.


Cody Moores ‘17 is committed to Wentworth Institute of Technology. This decision came very easily to him as Wentworth is a perfect fit for his architecture major. He also committed to this school so easily because his family lives around the area and he received money to go there.
Committing to a college is an important choice senior year. Many students have not made their final decision yet, but they share many similar reasons as to why they will eventually select the college they choose.