Business is booming


Bitsy Bags by Abbey Grace

Lauria Patz & Allison Andreola, Entertainment Editor & Features Editor

For many students at HBHS, after school jobs are not an option. Often times, clubs, sports, and family commitments get in the way. However, gas, clothes, and food these days are not cheap. Several HB students have taken matters into their own hands and started their own businesses doing what they love.
Jonathan Northcott and Tim Udelsman, ’14, were unsatisfied with the DJs they had worked with in the area, so they decided to try the business out themselves, utilizing their interests in technology, business, and music. In January, Northcott and and Udelsman invested in some high quality DJ equipment and began their own business: NUDJ Service. Their first gig was the Winter Ball hosted by the class of 2013, and they soon got booked for more events including HB’s prom, a wedding, and their most successful event, a 50th reunion at Penacook High School. Says Northcott, “We find it rewarding to give our clients what they want to hear rather than just what we like to listen to, unlike some other DJs, and make money at the same time.”
Likewise Abbey Kotelly ’17 started her own business this past summer when she had difficulties finding a steady job at only 14. The company is called Bitsy Bags by Abbey Grace and originally was just a fun craft idea. However she soon expanded upon this craft and began making seasonal gift bags that are perfect for gift cards, sweets, jewelry or whatever you desire. “I specialize in birthdays, bridal, and baby showers for my custom ordering” she said and each bag is made separately by Abbey herself. The bags are distributed to farms such as Lull and the Hollis Chocolate Farm for about a dollar per bag.
To see local students starting their own businesses is not only interesting but inspiring to other students. HB is certainly a school full of talents so who knows what other businesses might pop up.