Is preseason training helping?


Kaitlin Johnson

Prepping the fields is another aspect of getting ready for the spring season.

Kaitlin Johnson, Staff Writer

Spring sports are just around the corner, and the potential for this year’s teams looks promising. Hollis Brookline offers a great selection of sports teams to pick for each season, specifically for the spring sports season. HB has lacrosse, baseball, tennis, softball and track & field. But no matter what happens in-season, the most important time of the year for athletes is the pre-season work they put in. To be an athlete at any school, any season, it takes a lot of time and dedication, especially on a varsity team.


Boys’ lacrosse  has always been very competitive and successful at HB. Nick Hinchliffe ‘17, a four year varsity player, explained that to prepare for the upcoming season, they have perfected their shooting, passing and practice skills. They have also played indoor games at NH Sportsplex. Hinchliffe said, “Our season should be very good, we have a new head coach but he’s more than qualified. He was our defensive coordinator last year and he is a great guy.”


The boys lacrosse team was ranked fourth in the preseason and should be a competitive force this year. Hinchliffe adds, “Being ranked fourth doesn’t really mean anything; we want to prove that we should be ranked number one.”  Last season, the team was 15-4 and made the championship. With practice and preparation in pre-season, a championship could be in their future again this year.  


The Hollis Brookline softball team has also been working hard in the pre-season.  A former varsity player, Izzy Keefe ‘18, mentioned that her teammates have been working out mostly individually, but will be coming together as a whole this week during upcoming pre season practices.  As for how Keefe thinks the season is going to go she says, “ We lost a lot of solid players this year, so it’s going to be hard to fill those spots, but I know it’s going to be looking good.” Last year, the girls finished off with a 6-9 record.


Unlike lacrosse, the spring track & field team started much later, not beginning until March 20. The preseason practices start on March 20 and they go on from there. Team member Luke Martin ‘17 said, “As for the season outlook, I think it’s looking pretty good, at least in terms of the 4X100. Also, we are getting a potential sub 12 second 100 runner which will be good for the team.”
Students at HB are very serious about the sports that they participate in. The hard work and training in preseason can predict the future of the whole season. No matter what sport students choose to participate in, pre-season work is one of the most important things athletes can do to train themselves.