Helping Hands


Anthony Tamposi

Elliott and Tomer are greatly enjoying their positions as paraprofessionals.

Anthony Tamposi, Staff Writer

Two Hollis Brookline graduates have now come back to the school and are working as paraprofessionals. When HB became their alma mater, they probably didn’t expect to come back and have their professions here. Ian Tomer ‘14 and Morgan Elliott ‘11, who you may see around the school during the day, assist HB students with special needs in a one-on-one working environment. This eliminates the stress the students would have in a full classroom.


Tomer started working with special needs students his junior year of high school through peer mentoring and also through helping with Special Olympics. He enjoyed doing this so much that he knew he wanted to continue in this field. “Happiness is the most rewarding part of being a paraprofessional,” Tomer said, then explained how he wants to continue working in Special Education, and work his way up. He wants to start assisting the students with speech as well.


Elliott worked as a substitute teacher during college and has always liked working in a school system. When the job as a paraprofessional opened up, she took it and has loved it ever since. She said it feels really good to be such a big help to the students who really need her. Her favorite part is “that lightbulb moment” which she described as “when a student and I have been working at something for a while and then they figure it out and understand it.” She, like Tomer, wants to continue working with students with special needs.
Both of these HB graduates enjoy helping students who really need it. With their patience and hard work, Tomer and Elliott give students with special needs new opportunities to learn.