Eagle Spotlight: Sam St. Pierre


Colton Mailloux

St. Pierre is seated at The Parsonage Home, where he worked on his Eagle Project.

Colton Mailloux, Staff Writer

It seems this year that many Hollis Brookline have sprouted wings. Sam St. Pierre ‘17 is going to be honored for his accomplishments in Boy Scouts by receiving the rank of Eagle Scout. He, like many others, just needs to have his Eagle Ceremony to crown the achievement.


“My project was to create an easy care landscape environment at the Parsonage Home here in Hollis,” St. Pierre explained. The Parsonage Home is an old, historical building where pastors of the Hollis Congregational Church have lived and where town meetings were held in the late 1800’s. The current pastor at the Congregational Church lived at the home while St. Pierre completed his project. The reason he wanted to complete the project was that “people had donated plants for the home, but nobody was there to manage and maintain them.” He had noticed that weeds and overgrown plants had become an issue, creating damage to the home itself.


“My project was to go in and clear it out; to try and save what I could of the plants already there. Then after, I made a crushed stone drippage, a mulch pit, and put in new plants on the property,” St. Pierre said. “Starting in Fall 2015, myself and a group of volunteers cleared the area of the brush and overgrowth. Then I returned in the spring to finish the job.”


As with other Eagle Scouts, St. Pierre needed to fundraise to complete his project. He sold donated baked good at Hollis Old Homes Day, raising $250. St. Pierre was satisfied with this, saying, “It was the right amount for what I needed for materials.”


Sam has many fond memories from his past Boy Scout experiences, and he agreed with Jack Belanger ‘17 on his favorite. “The big trips that our Boy Scout troop does every two years are my fondest memories. Five years ago we went to Glacier National Park. Then, my second big trip was to Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, and the sights were amazing. Bonding with the other guys and seeing God’s Creation was special,” St. Pierre said.
St. Pierre is now awaiting his Eagle Scout ceremony. He is planning on doing it in June after graduation with a large group, as there are many who are also receiving this incredible honor. On behalf of the CavChorn staff, congratulations, Sam, on your outstanding achievement.