Tux Time


Mark Illingworth

Mr. HBHS tuxedos provided by Men’s Wearhouse

Mario Barassi, Staff Writer

As the promposals start to roll in and dates are finalized, most people are looking for what to wear to prom. Sometimes the outfits can be crazy, but most of the time they’re relatively simple. Corsages and boutonnieres will be purchased and limos will be scheduled. Prom will be a great time, the memories and the pictures will last a lifetime. That may be the problem for some people: the everlasting pictures. So to prevent embarrassing pictures, here are some steps guys can take to look their best.

Start early: There’s nothing worse than getting the last of the suits. The suits that are left often don’t fit right or are ugly colors. A green suit probably won’t look good with any dress, no matter what. However, If you go early enough, there will be plenty of combinations to choose from that will match your date. Some people don’t want to spend the money on a tux, so there is another option: buying a suit. Sam Poisson ‘17 said, “I got a suit $50 off at Jos. A. Bank. It was a little more expensive but I can keep it. Why spend $250 on a tux you will wear once?” Sam St. Pierre ‘17 is attending two proms, and was planning on renting a tux twice, “I have to go to two proms, so I decided to be a prom rep. and I got one for free because I helped people get their rentals.”

Go to a recognized tuxedo rental store: Places like Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A Bank are the perfect place to get a tux fitted. You can walk in, choose your style, and get it fitted. But some new companies are on the rise. The Black Tux is an online tuxedo rental site. You go on, choose the color, style, accessories, and measurements. Your tux will be sent to you to try on and you can send it back to get any alterations.

If that option doesn’t work out, the traditional way is your best bet. Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A Bank are the classic options for tux rental. Stop in, and they will take your measurements,  so that you’ll look your best on the big night. Then you can chose your color and style. Go with the black tux for a classic look, or choose a color like grey to stand out. Make sure to coordinate with your date, and get the right color vest and tie/bowtie. Most guys will rent a tux no matter what but Joe White ‘17 said, “it was abnormally expensive [but] it’s worth it for prom, but a shirt and tie should be acceptable.”

One of the most important things is what your date thinks of your tux. Meagan Castriotta 17’, says,”It’s really important that the tux fits right and the color matches…or else it will be a mess.”

Mark your calendars for May 26 because prom is coming up quick.