A final home hurrah: senior night for HB volleyball


Leslie Eisenberg

The volleyball team in a pregame huddle.

Colton Mailloux, Staff Writer

As the starting six for HB stood on the court on Monday night, something was very different in the typical lineup. Five of the six were seniors, ready to play one of their last home regular season games. Standing proud and ready to take on Souhegan, their cross town rivals. This was senior night at Hollis Brookline.


Each of the seniors shared their thoughts and memories of playing volleyball at HB thus far. All proud of where the team is at, but all believe that the mission is not done. Hayden Kubishta ‘17 said it was “gratifying to see the improvement” in himself and the team over the years, but says the team has a “long way to go, but we are getting there.” Sterling Bates ‘17 commented “Playing volleyball here is an opportunity and a privilege. The dynamic between players and coaches, players and fans…just sad to think this is the last year.” Nick Wood ‘17 said that he loves the sport, and without it, “High school would be so different”. His main focus this season was to develop the program by making a deep run into the playoffs, so that others can have the same experience as he has.


Vivek Nithipalan ‘17  had a very powerful statement on what his senior season goal has been. Nithipalan said “It was so cool to watch the best libero in the state, Nate Thomas, and back him up last year. He was my role model, and as a senior, that is what I’ve aimed to do. I may not be the best, but I want to put in the effort to show people that I can be the role model that Nate was for me. Senior night is about showing people I care and what I’ve become. Nathan Cole called this game “a special one to be able to play with my classmates that I’ve grown up with to open up the game, glad we were able to put up a good showing.”


All the seniors were honored in a pregame ceremony, where they gave their parents flowers and had their picture taken. HB’s seniors played exceptionally well to start the game, kill after kill, tick-tick boom echoing throughout the gym. HB went on to pummel Souhegan, beating them in three straight sets. HB will play one last home game Friday v.s Pinkerton in a tough matchup, pitting two top foes.