HB wows with “best Guitar Night” yet


Nick Sheppard ’18

Anthony Tamposi, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13, HBHS hosted their annual Guitar Night. Guitar Night, always themed, adopted a “glow party” ambiance this year: an idea that was the brainchild of Mr. Illingworth. Audience members were handed glowstick necklaces upon entering the auditorium. “It was successful in two ways. First, the feeling of this fun, glow party with everyone having glow sticks worked, the theme fit. Second, which was amazing to me, was everyone was really good and the music was high quality. The new people, which there were a lot, and new bands, rose to the level of the veterans, and there was no drop in talent. No one played lesser or better than anyone else,” said Illingworth of the event.

HB students and teachers formed bands and performed original songs or covers live in front of the crowd. The show is run by HB teacher, Mark Illingworth. Bands have to audition weeks before the show. The show takes place in the auditorium, and tickets are sold at 10 dollars each or 15 dollars for a ticket to both shows.

Matthew Bradshaw ‘17, a long-time performer in Guitar Night, played bass for several different bands this year on both Friday and Saturday. Bradshaw performed seven songs over the course of the two nights. “It was the best Guitar Night I’ve been to. It was a great way to end my senior year.” Bradshaw said.

Richard Cadario ‘17, focused in on his performance. “My band played really well”. Cadario played in a band with Matt Barbosa, Catherine Orzech, Eric Perry, Mark Illingworth, and Dave Umstead.

William Lindamood ‘18 energized the crowd with his performance Friday night. He played with Abbey Schulz ‘17, Paul Considine ‘18, and Zach Stone, a student at Merrimack High School. He not only enjoyed performing, but also watching his fellow musicians. “[It] was as a collection of musicians that came together and was able to show the world their talents.”

During the show, audience members were invited to come dance down in front of the stage. Energy, as well as opinion of the nights, was high, with the crowd giving standing ovations for performers at the end of both nights. Nicholas Hinchliffe ‘17, who attended Friday night said, “It was fun to watch my friends perform, they all did well.”

The shows were well-received and boasted some of HB’s exceptional talent. The show, always a great money earner, raised money for the Red Cross Club, who sold tickets, and the Debate Club, who worked concessions. Funds will also be used to replace old music equipment in the school with newer versions.
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