Seniors say farewell to a familiar face


Connor Harris

Students pose with their favorite SRO.

Mario Barassi, Assistant Sports Editor

As the freshman file into the auditorium during their orientation on the first day of school, one of the first, and probably most familiar faces is officer Bergeron. As the school resource officer he is assigned to the schools here in Hollis and the seniors will be leaving him behind as they go on to their separate ventures. Most students have known Officer B for years, some beginning with D.A.R.E. back in the 5th grade.

Throughout the last four years, Officer Bergeron has been in his office on the third floor most days of the week, as someone the students could talk to when they were down, or as someone who could give advice. Will Cantella, 17’ says he’s going to miss Officer B’s “spunky attitude. Whenever he teaches a class it’s always fun.”

As a police officer and school resource officer, his job is to help students through any situation. Whether it’s running self-defense classes, holding active shooter training, or raising money during No Shave November, he is a very helpful educator at this school. Josh Farmer ‘17 said, “He showed me the meaning of a good beard during No Shave November.”

Today the media has a poor view on law enforcement because of recent issues in the country. They have been shown in a bad light for the past 3 years. Many riots have happened in cities all across the country when someone is killed by a police officer. Officer B has shown many people a different side of law enforcement. Brian Delaney, ‘17, says, “He showed me that police officers can be nice and forgiving.”

Officer B himself had some great words about the class of 2017. He said he’ll miss the class’s “wittiness,” once they are gone. As he has been with the class of 2017 for a while now he has accrued a lot of memories. Some of his favorite memories with ‘17 include, “Going to Spain and Costa Rica, I have been able to connect with kids I wouldn’t normally talk to.” Bergeron said being the SRO has given him “the connection with the youth in the town. There would be no connection with the youth if there wasn’t an SRO.”

His presence has been greatly appreciated and has given the class of 2017 a look into what police officers are really like.