HB’s Loyal Fan Base


Mitch Dreyer, Staff Writer

HB is very well known for their athletics, but the fan base is often forgotten. Through thick and thin the fans have always been there for the athletes. Prior to the boy’s basketball team playing Merrimack Valley in their first playoff game, many students were excited to watch the event and support their fellow classmates. When asked how confident he is in the team, senior Matt Williamson said, “I’m confident in our team winning this game. We will get rowdy and get into the opponent’s heads.” The fans never disappointed, cheering on their team to a victory and advancing in the playoffs.

One of the more unique things the students were looking forward to was the public barbecue at the school before the game. Students grilled hot dogs, burgers, sausages and more to get fired up for the upcoming match up. When asked about what made the pregame festivities so fun, Graham Bates ‘18, said, “A bunch of people come to hang out, eat, and have a good time before the intense games.” Pregame barbecues have become a very popular activity for students at HB. Students started having cookouts before football games in the fall. Partaking in these festivities brings students together and motivates students to go to games.

During the games students usually wear a specific color, most commonly white or black. White is worn during home games, black during away games. This is what defines the fan section in the bleachers. There sure is “home field advantage” at HB with all of the non-stop cheering from the fans. For example, the boy’s basketball team played Manchester West High School in the quarter final of the playoffs. West beat HB during the regular season on their home court, but when they came to Hollis Brookline it was a whole different story. HB prevailed, beating West 55-35.

The Hollis Brookline Fan Base is still supporting all of the spring sports going on right now. With nice weather coming there should be more fans at each of the upcoming games. HB has always had competitive sports teams, but are nothing without their loyal fan base.