HB’s NFL Predictions


JP Blasi, Sports Editor

It’s no secret that the NFL season is highly anticipated by the students of Hollis Brookline High School. With the hometown favorite Patriots coming off an incredible Super Bowl 51 comeback and some major offseason roster changes, the expectations are quite high. But the buzz doesn’t just surround the Pats. Because of quicky uploaded social media highlights and interactive media such as fantasy football and NFL Redzone, fans are ecstatic for the product the entire league has to offer this season.

Connor Zorn ‘19, is a Pats fan at heart and a true lover of the game. But he has his eyes set on an underdog this year: “I’m always rolling with the Jags. They could explode at any moment. And I’d advise the NFC East to not let the Redskins get hot. They could make a serious run.” In terms of breakout players, Chris Cadman ‘18 had some thoughts about who he predicts could have a great year: “I expect Brandin Cooks to have a Randy Moss-esque year. It’s about time the Pats had a fast receiver who can get down the field. In terms of around the league, I think that Jameis Winston of the Buccaneers could establish himself as a great quarterback in this league.” There are high expectations that apply to many players and teams – but no team has the potential to re-write the history books and solidify immortality more this year than the New England Patriots.

“They really should be a great team,” said Cam Lapierre, ‘18, “you think about what the season expectations are, and that’s obviously another ring. I think they’ll have a 14-2 record and make a playoff run to get Brady and Belichick’s 6th.” In such a competitive league, it is really hard to get a prediction like this correct before the season begins. But the Patriots of 2017-2018 could be unlike anything the league has seen before. They have won two of the past three Super Bowls and had a 17-2 cumulative record last season, best in the league. While the Pats were victorious after an epic comeback in the Super Bowl, they didn’t settle with just a winning roster – they pursued a dominant one. The team’s front office and coaching mastermind in Bill Belichick managed to resign the core of the team, like players Julian Edelman on an extension and Dont’a Hightower on a 4 year, 43 million dollar deal. They also managed to trade for star New Orleans Saints wideout Brandin Cooks.

The acquisitions continued to roll in, with players like Stephon Gilmore, Dwayne Allen, and Mike Gillislee. Adding these impact players, along with passionate veterans to establish roster depth, the Pats are a legitimate contender for an undefeated season.