Easy E-books


The library is the home of the newest form of technology, E-Books.

Alec Paulson, Media Editor

With the transition of new librarians, the library at Hollis/Brookline High School has transformed their supply of books to the 21st Century electronic book. Last year, former librarian Barbara Boucher initiated the new system using the website folletshelf.com. Using this system, the library will be able to purchase online books for students and teachers to use in class and outside of school. The online books can be purchased by the school in single quantities. The single books are cheaper and limit the amount of people who can check out the E-book. In unlimited access , every person in the school will be able to access the same book at the same time.

Christine Heaton, HBHS’ new librarian, said, “We are going to start off small and the progressively expand the amount of e-books we purchase.” Not only will they begin to purchase the e-books for fun reading, but also for reference. The reference books located in the library all have e-book duplicates and allow students to have research in and out of the library.

The one thing the library won’t get rid of is their supply of hardcover and paperback books. “We are in the 21st century and people still love holding a book in their hands,” said Heaton. The week of October 13 marked the beginning of the e-book era. Access all the time is the main goal for these cyber-volumes. Using electronic additions allows for everyone to expand their studies outside of the internet and news databases.