Time for a change?


Patrick Grimes

The water bottle refilling station is the source of the request of junior Kevin Hallerman

Patrick Grimes, Humor Editor

With the advent of a later start time and the abolition of the hat rule, HBHS is in for a time of great reform. In one way or another, many students are clamoring for changes to the school. A handful of students offered their input on any changes that they want made to the school.      

The suggestions from students ranged from the basic to the complex. For example, all Kevin Hallerman ‘19 wants from the school is for it to, “…change the filters in the water fountains.” What Ryan Farquhar ‘18 wants is for websites like Youtube to no longer be blocked by the school website. While these are both manageable goals, other students wanted far more complicated reforms to happen.                                                                                                                                          

Jack Aldana-Proulx, representative of the senior class, wants the school’s classes to “…shift towards professional development,” so that they can prepare students for future possible careers, sort of like trade schools. similar to Senior Quest, which he thinks lacks materials such as computer software, which somewhat limits the projects students can do. He wants the class to obtain such software so that students’ ideas for projects aren’t limited by the class.

By far the most interesting request came from Trai Jimeno ‘18. He would like to see the school give more volunteering opportunities to the upperclassmen to assist the underclassmen. He feels as though there is a divide between the upper- and underclassmen and that because of it, it’s more difficult for the freshmen to immerse themselves in the high school experience. Jimeno wants to see “more unification between the under and upperclassmen.”

Jimeno is correct in his beliefs, however, as there is a divide between the classes that ideas like more volunteering opportunities could fix.


All of these ideas are a good start to make HB even greater than it already is, but unfortunately these will take a lot of hard work and dedication on both students and administration’s behalf.