The importance of Unified Sports


Watching the start of the game, three Unified players (Katelyn Heidel ‘19, Josie Farwell ‘20, Jessica Hubert ‘20) happily support their teammates. “I love cheering the team on,” said Josie.

Grace Straka, Staff Writer

In the midst of high school, differences seem to be important, and it is not too common that they can actually bring people together. There are divisions between friends, clubs, and classes. However, the unified program is a perfect place to get everyone involved in the community.

Giving everyone an equal opportunity is extremely valuable. Christina Ellis (History) said, “I think that it benefits all players involved. I think it benefits the athletes playing by giving them a competitive environment… Any situation where you can compete against someone else, and win, is good for someone’s self-esteem. It is also an important experience for the students that are able to be a part of the program from a role model perspective.”

Not only that, but another benefit of having unified teams is a perfect place for people to gain an understanding and acceptability for those with physical and intellectual disabilities. Playing on the same team as someone is a time to learn about him or her and develop an interpersonal connection.

The partners on the team were able to share some specific things they have learned thus far in the season; “I gain the joy of helping everyone achieve the opportunity to have fun and participate in something they have always wanted to, eliminating any barriers between people,” said Kylie Krivis ‘20.

Although unified sports are very important, many feel they do not get as much attention as they deserve. “I do not think think the word gets out enough. I think it should because it is just as important as any other sport we have here at HBHS. They are arguably the most beneficial sports we have here,” said Tasha White ‘20. The team still has many games left in their season to be attended.

If any students have an interest in the Unified Program, soccer is not the only sport offered. Basketball in the winter and track in the spring. All sports offer another great chance to learn more about oneself and others through differences and similarities.