Cavs Basketball: Already Hunting


Damon Swope

Evan Simonds (#3) will be a key piece in the starting five this year, manning one of the two guard positions.

Joe Messina, Staff Writer

The squeaks and dribbles fell silent as the final seconds of the 2017 NHIAA Boys Basketball Division II semi-final game ticked away. Hollis-Brookline players hung their heads in sorrow for yet another post-season run ended in a loss, this time to the eventual state champion Lebanon by a score of 50-36.“It was awful. To be honest, heartbreaking,” said Guard Evan Simonds ‘19, who was the only sophomore to start last year on the 15-5 varsity team. “[Lebanon’s] speed and quickness was overwhelming us,” he explained, “overall just a tough end to a great season.”

2017 fall sports are now in full swing as the turn of the month is just behind us. Student-athletes around Hollis-Brookline are all at different points; whether they are in the middle of their fall season, or beginning to prep for winter sports. The players on the HBHS Basketball squad are a mix of the two, but all have set their sights on a championship this upcoming season. Simonds explained how this past playoff defeat has made them want to come back and “take the crown” even though it is so early. “Fresh start. New coach. We gonna take it all the way,” he assures. Simonds will be a key player in the starting five this year, manning one of the two guard positions.

The boys open up at Coe-Brown Northwood at 7:00PM on December 15-. Some may think that it is a long way away and too early to start thinking or preparing for it, but star Forward Matt Simco ‘18, disagrees. “It’s never too early to start thinking about winning a championship for basketball,” he claims, “Football (Simco is also a star WR on the Varsity football Team) also prepares me for basketball, but as soon as I’m done with football is when full preparation begins.” Forward Dhruv Miglani ‘19 agrees with Simco, stating that his preparation started the second last season ended. He has one goal in mind: “everything I put in is to achieve that goal of winning a state championship.”

The 2017 basketball squad will have a new look as well, as last season was long time coach Mike Soucy’s last time behind the reins. As Simonds mentioned, he believes it is a tough loss to end Soucy’s career; however, he is excited for a fresh start with the new coach. Miglani also thinks a fresh start is good. He said that although Coach Cole Etten is much different than Soucy, it may be good for a new perspective. Also, two players, Tyler MacDormand ‘18 and J.B. Brackett ‘18, may be re-joining the basketball scene this year, after a few years away. They are two prospects that Simonds, Simco, and Miglani are excited about.

The boys are hungry, prepared, and have already set their sights on what they couldn’t quite get last year. Nothing seems to be holding them back, and this season should live up to every expectation if things continue at this pace. The Cavs are ready to hunt, and this time, they are going for the kill.